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Middle Ages

Charlemagne Founded Carolingian Empire. Was also known as Charles the Great
Charles Martel Grandfather of Charlemagne, Known as Charles the Hammer
Clovis United Frankish tribes under one ruler
Pope Gregory VII Excommunicated Henry IV
Henry IV Excommunicated by Pope Gregory for adding his own religious figures
Richard the Lion-Hearted Leader of Christian forces during Crusades
Saladin Leader of Muslim forces during Crusades
Fredrick I German Holy Roman Emperor
Chivalry Code of Conduct a knight is expected to live by
Fief Piece of land a lord owns
Manor XXX
Vassal a mutual obligation to a lord that in return for protection, the person will supply good
Knight High class warrior who follows code of chivalry
Serf Peasant who is not allowed to leave land
Tithe Contribution to religious sect
Canon Law also known as common law. A law that is not written but expected to be known
Monastery Religious building
Feudalism exchange of goods for safety
Tournament event used to prepare knights for battle
Troubadours Lyric poetry
Excommunication banning from Christian Church
Lay Investure Appointment of religious figures by king or emperor NOT POPE
Interdict the removal of certain rights of church individuals or groups
Code of Chivalry 1) obey the heavenly lord 2) obey the feudal lord 3) lady
Crusades Religious battles between Muslims and Christians over the control of Jerusalem
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