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Africa and India

NYS Global I Regetns

useful items gained from the earth, that can be traded mineral resources
world’s largest desert, located in northern Africa, became a highway for migration and trade Sahara Desert
root language of many current West African languages, used to trace migration patterns of people in Africa Bantu
many farming villages were united to form this kingdom that lay between the Niger and Senegal rivers Kingdom of Ghana
rich kingdom that was united in 1235 and controlled the gold trade routes Kingdom of Mali
greatest emperor of Mali that came to the throne in 1312, spread Islam Mansa Musa
a wealthy trading city that emerged in West Africa in 1450 Kingdom of Songhai
a scholarly traveler from Morocco that traveled an estimated 75,000 miles and wrote an account of his travels Ibn Battuta
Hindu belief in nonviolence and reverence for all life ahisma
seasonal wind; in India it brings rain during the summer monsoon
a capital city in early Indus Valley civilization Mohenjo Daro
dynasty that ruled India from 320 to 550; under their rule India enjoyed a Golden Age Gupta
within the ancient Indian caste system, outcasts who lived harsh lives Untouchable
belief that spirits and forces may live in animals, objects or dreams animism
in ancient civilizations, specially trained person who knew how to read, write and keep records scribe
according to Aryan belief, the single spiritual power that resides in all things Brahman
in traditional Indian society, unchangeable social group into which a person is born Caste
an ancient written language of the Aryans sanskrit
large landmass that justs out from a continent subcontinent
in Hindu belief, a person's religious or moral daily duties dharma
in Hinduism, all the deeds of person's life that afffect existence in the next life karma
elected warrior chief of an Aryan tribe in ancient India; local Hindu ruler in India rajah
in Hinduism, belief in the rebrith of the soul in another bodily form reincarnation
written religious reflectiosn regarding Hindu beliefs Upanishads
Hindu sacred texts Vedas
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