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Mesopotamia Review

Mesopotamia and Fertile Crescent

cuneiform wedge-shaped symbols and world's first system of writing
ziggurats place to honor gods
cylinder seals used to mark property
Hittites ruled after Hammurabi
cedar wood one of Phoenicia's resources
Mesopotamia fertile land between Asia Minor and Persian Gulf
canals man made and used to control river's flow
civilization with a steady food supply, people can develop a complex society
Sargon's empire fought city-states nearby and conquered northern Mesopotamia
Sumerians worshipped their gods and developed the world's first civilization
priests served a role between the gods and Sumerians
Mesopotamian society based on agriculture
Gilgamesh legendary figure
irrigation way to supply water to land
surplus extra supply of goods
social hierarchy grouping society by class or rank
scribe person educated in writing
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