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roots and their meanings

RootRoot Meaning
Abdomin- abdomen
Adipo- fat
Andro- male hormone
Angio- vessel
Bili- bile
Brady- slow
Carcino- cancer
Cardio- heart
Cerebr- head
Cervic- neck
Col- colon
Cut- skin
Cyano- blue
Entero- intestine
Erythro- red
Febri- fever
Gastro- stomach
Geronto- aging
Glycol- sweet
Hemo- blood
Hepat- liver
Histo- tissue
Hydro- water
Hyster- uterus
Kine- movement
Lacto- milk
Lipo fat
Mammo- breast
Mast- breast
Ment- mind
Myo- muscle
Nas- nose
Nephr- kidney
Opthalm- eye
Osteo- bone
Oto- ear
Patho- disease
Pedi- child
Pharmaco- medicines
Phlebo- vein
Photo- light
Pneumo- lung
Pod- foot
Psych- mind
Pulmo- lung
Ren- kidney
Rhino- nose
Sep- decay
Tachy- fast
Thermo- heat
Thorac- chest
Thrombo- clot
Toxi- poison
Vaso- vessel
Ven- vein
Uria- urine
Created by: bozicnj