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Religions Exam III

Judaism & Christianity

Who is a Jew? Explain the words Hebrew, Israel and Judea. A Jew is someone who comes from Judea. Hebrew: the people and the language they speak Israel: name given to Jacob it means one who strives with God
What is the importance of circumcision in the Jewish faith? It is outward expression of Jewish faith
What possible connections exist between ancient near eastern religions and early Judaism? near eastern religions were polytheistic but tried to conceive ONE highest god
Who is the founder of Judaism? What do Abraham, Israel and Yahweh mean? Abraham is the founder of Judaism Abraham: one who will multiply Israel: one who strives with God Yahweh: to be or exist
What is the covenant between Abraham and God? Abraham will be the ancestor of all of the prophets of Judaism
What is T-N-K? Describe each part Also known as Tanakh or Tanaka. Consists of the Torah(teachings), Nevi'm(prophets), and the Kethuwim(writings)
What are the five books of Pentateuch of the Hebrew bible? What are their themes? Genesis: Story of creation of the world, Noah's ark, Abraham Exodus: Moses Leviticus: Describes Laws Numbers:Account of wanderings of Jewish tribes at various places Deuteronomy: Restates the ten commandments, death of moses before he enters Canaan
What is a synagogue? When did they develop? Smaller temples and developed because it was difficult for Jews to get to the temple in Jersusalem
What are the ten commandments? No other God set against me Not make a carved image for yourself Not use the Lords name in vain Keep the Sabboth day holy Honor father and mother Not commit murder Not commit adultery Not steal Not lie Not covet anything belonging to your neighbo
Understand importance of Moses in Jewish History bought in house of the Pharaoh, sees Israeli slave being beaten he flees Egypt, heard voice of God telling him to help free the slaves
Who were Saul, David and Solomon Saul: 900 b.c.e, first king, commits suicide David: 1012 b.c.e, considered prototype king of Jews Solomon: son of David, succeeds in building 1st home for Yahweh
Who built the first Jewish temple and why was the second one built? 950 b.c.e Solomon succeeds, and second temple built because king of Persia took over Babylonia and allowed Jews to return to homeland
What does Talmud mean? What does it deal with? Talmud: considered the interpretation of Hebrew scriptures by rabbis, there are 613 rules in total, deals with principles, rules and regulations to problems arising in everyday life
What were the four Judaic groups? Sadducee, Pharisees, Zealots, Essenes
Jesus: birth, religion and crucification? Birth: 4 b.c.e Religion: Jewish Crucification: age of 32 in 25-26 b.c.e
Who wrote the four gospels? What are their main themes and characteristics? Mark: shortest & most simple, point of view of history, Jesus as son of god and messiah Matthew: most charming, Jesus as new Moses Luke: for Greek audience, universal religion John: Jesus is divine incarnation of God, Messiah
What are the synoptic gospels? Which are asynoptic? Mark, Matthew and Luke are synoptic (similar) and John is asynoptic
Which Judaic group did Jesus most resemble? Pharisees
What does Messiah mean and how is it related to the word Christ Messiah: one who is anointed with oil Greek word Christos means anointed
Genealogy of Jesus that Luke and Matthew agreed on David
Paul's teachings and book of revelations spread Christianity among non-Jews encourage Christians to keep faith during time of prosecution
Gospels of new testament written in what language? Greek
What are the books of the Torah Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
Joshua, who took the Hebrews to the land of Canaan, was most likely a what? Judge
Which gospel spoke of Jesus as the new Moses Matthew
The______ focused on careful observance of Jewish laws, and accepted some texts beyond the Torah as scripture Pharisees
Which was the most reactionary against Roman occupation Zealots
Letters written by Paul are called Epistles



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