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Social Studies Chapter 6

The belief in one god is... monotheism
a special agreement between two parties... covenant
a large movement of people from a place... exodus
a set of laws for responsible behavior... 10 Commandments
the religion of the Jewish people... Judaism
force to leave ones country and live somewhere else... exiled
a word that comes from the Greek word meaning, "to scatter" Diaspora
Jewsih houses of worship... synagogues
believed to be the father of the Jewish people... Abraham
the most important source of information about the Jewish people... The Hebrew Bible
land promised to Abraham by God... Canaan
the reason people left Canaan and migrated to Egypt... famine
this person lead the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt... Moses
the first King of the Israelites was... Saul
this city was the captial of Israel and the first temple was built there... Jerusalem
in the 900's BC Israel split into two parts; the north kingdom of Israel, and the south kingdom of... Judah
These people destroyed the temple around 70 AD and eventually drove the Jewish people out of Israel... Romans
believing in many gods... polytheism
this man is believed to be the founder of Zoroastianims in the early 600s BC... Zarathustra
a person that can talk with and share messages directly from a god or gods... prophet
This religion began in Rome's northern provinces of Judaea and Galilee... Christianity
Romans built these in order to honor the gods and give them homes... temples
the idea of ones soul being saved after death... salvation
City believed to be the birth place of Jesus... Nazareth
the followers of Jesus were called... disciples
a person who is sent by God... messiah
the Roman Governor who ordered Jesus to be crucified in 30 AD... Pontias Pilot
to rise from the grave; return after death... ressurection
teachers of a new religion... apostles
Christian writings that were gathered and put together... gospels
to oppress, harass, or torment... persecute
a person who dies for their beliefs... martyr
First Roman Emperor to support Christianity.. Constantine
the document that made Christianity the official religion of Rome in 392 AD Edict of Milan
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