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You Gotta Know ...

Versailles Ended WWI, Noted for the "Big Four" 1919
Big Four W. Wilson, David Lloyd-George, G Clemenceau, Vittorio Orlando 1919
Utrecht Ended War of Spanish Succession in a Dutch city 1713
Ghent Ended War of 1812 bet US & Britain, a Belgian city. 1814
Portsmouth Ended Russo-Japanes War, NH, brokered by FDR who won the Nobel Peace Prize 1905
Adams-Onis Treaty Settled boundary dispute bet the U.S. & Spain after Louisiana Purchase. Sold Florida to the U.S. Alternate name - Transcontinental Treaty 1819
Camp David Accords Bet Egypt (Anwar Sadat) & Isreal (Menachem Begin) brokered by Jimmy Carter. Isolated Egypt from the other Arab contries and led to Sadat's assassination in 1981. 1978
Guadalupe Hidalgo Ended Mexican-American War. Transferred CA, NE, & UT to the U.S. 1848
Brest-Litovsk Bet Bolshevik govt of USSR & Germany. Gave up Ukraine & Belarus to Germany. 1918
Tordesillas Divided the New World bet Spain & Portugal. 1494
Peace of Westphalia Two treaties ending the 30 Years War among The Holy Roman Empire, minor German states, Spain, France, Sweden, and the Dutch Republic. Confirmed the principle that a ruler's religion determined the country's. 1648
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