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Spinal cord injury

basics and functional goals for each level

SCI medical complications autonomic dysreflexia, heterotopic ossification, DVTs, pulm emboli, UTIs, pressure sores, pneumonia
stabilization devices halo, cx collars, TLSOs
Elements of eval hx, premorbid factors, precautions, skin, sensory, tone, rom, mmt,
goals c1-c3 I in power WC w/ head control, I communication w/ ECU (will be dependent for most ADLs)
goals c3-c4 I w/ pressure relief, I w/ power WC head controls, I w/ some feeding and adaptive eqpt, I w/ECU
c5 goals I w/ eating, tooth brushing, some ADLs; mod A with bed mobility in hospital bed; assisted prone push transfers, I w/ community mobility in power WC, I w/ short distance HH manual WC propulsion w/ projections, I w/ hook and lean for pressure relief
c6 goals I with most ADLs, assist w/ dressing, I w/ bed mobility on firm surfaces, I transfers on level surfaces, I manual WC mobility on level surfaces w/ coated rims or power WC
c7 goals I bed mobility w/o eqpt; I transfers all surfaces (incl car), I pressure relief, I manual WC propulsion level surfaces, I with dressing and self ROM
c8 goals I w/ moving WC in/out of car, I w/ADLs and B&B mgmt
t2-t6 goals I floor to WC transfers, I standing w/ standing frame
t7-t12 goals I w/ all manual WC skills,ramps, curbs, uneven terrain; I household amb w/ KAFOs, RGOs possible but may not be ftnl due to energy expenditure
L1 goal may amb w/ KAFOs for exercise or I household mobility
L2 goal amb household and short distances in community
L3 goal I community amb w/ KAFOs/AFOs
ASIA A complete: no sensory or motor ftn is preserved in sacral segments S4-S5
ASIA B Incomplete: sensory but not motor ftn is preserved below the neurological level and includes the sacral segments S4-S5
ASIA C Incomplete: motor ftn is preserved below the neurological level and more than half of key ms below the neurological level have a ms grade less than 3
ASIA D Incomplete: motor ftn is preserved below the neuro level, and at least half of key ms below the neuro level have a ms grade of 3 or more
ASIA E Normal: motor and sensory ftn are normal
Created by: 2rabbits
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