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LeMon ME History

Terms and events associated with Middle East History

Large empire broken up after being on the losing side of WW1. New political boundaries were drawn up without regard for the people living there Ottoman Empire
Event in WW2 in which millions of Jews were sent to concentration camps and killed or forced to work Holocaust
Movement to allow Jews to return to their homeland Zionism
Created in 1948 as part of a 2-state solution to end tensions between Jews and Palestinians Israel
War to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi invaders. US becomes involved because they are a UN member Operation Desert Storm (Iraq War)
War begun in response to the 9-11 attacks. Afghanistan is accused of hiding Osama bin Laden War on Terror
US become involved in a war with this country because they are thought to be helping al-Qaeda and hiding WMD's. Iraqi Freedom
Hatred of Jews simply because they practice the Jewish faith Anti-semitism
The expulsion (or scattering) of Jews from their homeland Diaspora
Dividing or breaking apart as it relates to the Ottoman Empire after WWI and the Scramble for Africa Partitioning
Weapons of Mass Destruction WMD
Leader of Iraq who led an invasion into Kuwait and was later accused of helping al-Qaeda and hiding WMD's. He was tried for war crimes and hanged. Saddam Hussein
Leader of al-Qaeda who masterminded the 9-11 attacks. He was found in Pakistan and killed. Osama bin Laden
Terrorist group behind the 9-11 attacks al-Qaeda
Extremist group who controlled Afghanistan before being removed from power during the War on Terror Taliban
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