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OT Exam 2

Old Testament Exam 2

Leviticus 16 Day of Atonement
Leviticus 19 Personal Holiness
Leviticus 25 Sabbatical Year
Numbers 1 Military Census
Numbers 3 Levitical Census
Numbers 6 Nazarite Vow
Numbers 13 Spies sent into the land
Numbers 14 People's rebellion
Numbers 20 Moses and Aaron's sin
Numbers 32 Transjordan Tribes
Joshua 2 Spies sent into Jericho
Joshua 3 Miracle of the Jordan crossing
Joshua 9 Deception of Gibeonites
I Samuel 8 People request a king
II Samuel 6 Ark of covenant brought into jerusalemm
II Samuel 7 Davidic Covenant
What is the key word and emphasis of Leviticus? Holiness
What are the 5 sacrifices for worship? Burnt, Meal, Peace, Sin, Guilt
What were the qualifications for the military census? males age 20 upward, able to serve
What were the qualifications for the levitical census? 1 month and upward
What was the special age for the Levitical census and why? 30-50; it was the age to serve in the tabernacle
What were the 4 verbal things the spies checked out while in Canaan? people, land (soil), cities, forests
What was the one visual confirmation the spies brought back? returned with fruit
What was God's response to the rebellion against Moses and Aaron? everyone 20 or older will die before entering the promise land. Wander for 38 years
Who were the exceptions? Caleb and Joshua
What were the 2 1/2 tribes reasons for wanting to stay in Transjordan? pasture land, many cattle, didn't want to cross the Jordan river, didn't want to fight
What happened at the battle of Jericho? 6 days- march around the city 7th- march 7 times in silence then shout and walls collapse
What were the restrictions for the battle of Jericho? no personal spoils, silver and gold goes to the tabernacle, all people were to die, burn the city
What happened at the battle of Ai? they lost. 36 thousand were killed because Achen took a garment, silver and gold from Jericho
How did the gibeonites deceive them visually? dressed in old clothes, worn sandals, cracked wine skins, moldy bread
How did the gibeonites deceive them verbally? from the country, said things about God from long ago
What was the result of the deception of the gibeonites? a treaty was made
What were the miracles of Samson? kills 1,000 with a jawbone, picked up city gates and carried it 7 miles, tied tails of 300 jackles and caught fire to grain, kills 1,00 by taking down pillar
What is the purpose of Ruth? to provide the "missing link" in King David's ancestry
What were Moses and Aaron's sin? Moses hit the rock instead of speaking to it
Who buries Moses' body? The archangel Michael
What does Deuteronomy mean? words
What is the theme of deuteronomy? covenant faithfulness
Why was Joshua such a prime choice for leadership? tribe of Ephraim, man of faith, military commander, moses' right hand man
What is the key word of the book of Joshua? inheritance
Who is Rahab? a woman who helped hide the spies who went into Jericho. Spared in the battle.
Who is Achen? took garment, silver, and gold from Jericho. caused the failure of the battle of Ai. Him, his family, and possessions were stoned and burned.
What is the victory of the 5 kings? Miracle of the long day. Joshua asked God to have the sun stand still for 24 hours to extend daylight
What are the functions of a judge? military leadership, administration, and settlement of disputes
What are the two specific sins in the judges era? fail to get rid of canaanites, reject God for heathen gods
Who is Deborah? only woman judge, prophetess, goes into battle
Who is Gideon? the fleece judge
Who is Jephthan? took the unnecessary vow, had to kill his daughter.
Who is Naomi? beloved mother-in-law
Who is Ruth? moabite daughter-in-law
Who is Boaz? Righteous kinsmen redeemer
What kinds of commitments does Ruth make to Naomi? location, place of occupancy, family (culture), spiritual, and time
Who is Hannah? wife- barren, promised to give her son to the Lord
Who is Elkenah? Hannah's husband
Who is Eli? Took in Samuel. His two other sons were wicked.
What were Samuel's 3 roles? Judge with 3 city ciruct, Prophet, and priest
Who are Samuel's sons? Joel and Abijah; greedy, bribery
Why do the people request a king? he is old, sons are corrupt, and desired to be like other people
Why was Saul the best choice for king? mature man (30yrs), physical stature, and respected tribe- benjamin
What were Saul's choice of sin? intruded into priestly office, saves spoils from the amlakites
What were the results of Saul's sin? kingdom torn from him, military inability (Goliath)
What is the Davidic Covenant? told David not to build the temple because he had blood on his hands, but his son would. said his lineage will be an everlasting dynasty
Who is Nathan? confronted David of his sin.
What was the result of David's sin? continuing warfare, family discord, marital discord, and child dies
What was David's second sin? taking a military ccensus
What choices did God give David for his punishment? 3 years of famine, 3 months of fleeing, and 3 days of flu
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