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Sugar in Hawaii

Rise of Sugar

What were the 2 most significant phases of the revolution in agriculture under the reign of Kamehameha III: Kauikeaouli? 1. Growth of the sugar industry 2. end of the traditional system of landholding.
What was the location, name and start year of the 1st successful sugar plantation in Hawaii? Koloa Plantation in Kaua`i, 1835
The 1st successful sugar plantation was founded by Peter Brinsmade, William Ladd and William Hooper, what was the name of their operating business? Ladd & Company
What are 3 early problems that the 1st successful sugar plantation encountered? 1. Needed more workers 2. More money to pay workers 3. Needed better mill rollers
What 2 events in the United States contributed to a boom in the sugar industry? California Gold Rush of 1849 and Civil War
What are 3 factors that led to the plantation becoming a "big business?" 1. market grew 2. new improved mills 3. more land was used for growing sugar
What are factoring agencies or "factors" responsible for? buying the milling equipment, find markets and handle financing
What is a factor? businesses that are paid to perform services for other businesses
What did sugar plantation owners joined together to hire? Certain Honolulu commercial agencies
One of the Big Five - factoring agencies: Founded by James Hunnewell C. Brewer & Company
One of the Big Five - factoring agencies: Founded by German sea captain, Hackfield American Factors
One of the Big Five - factoring agencies: Founded by British firm, Starkey, Janion and Company in 1845 - operated under what name in 1885? Theo H. Davies
One of the Big Five - factoring agencies: Founded by 2 sons of American Missionaries S.T. Alexander & H.P. Baldwin
One of the Big Five - factoring agencies: Founded by 2 members of the 8th company of missionaries to Hawaii, neither were ministers Castle & Cooke
What are 2 reasons that new sources of labor was needed on plantations? 1. Thousands of Hawaiians died during epidemics 2. Irrigation and improved growing methods made it possible for planters to grow more sugar cane and produce more sugar
Who are the Royal Agricultural Society? A group of residents interested in improving marketing and crop control, discussed ways of bringing workers from abroad
What did the Royal Agricultural Society do? They made a contract with a British captain to bring laborers from South China ports
In January 1852, about 200 laborers came to work in the islands from what country? China
Under the labor contract system these 1st sugar plantation immigrants worked for how many years and at what rate of pay per month? 5 years at $3 a month
What 4 things were provided to the sugar plantation workers under their contract? 1. Transportation 2. Housing 3. Food 4. Clothing
Created by: MrsJM