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Land Ownership - The Great Mahele

Which Hawaiian monarch was king during the Mahele? Kamehameha III: Kauikeaouli
What are 4 Hawaiian beliefs about land, according to the reading in class? 1. Land belonged to the gods 2. King and high chiefs controlled the land. 3. Lesser chiefs managed the lands. 4. Commoners lived on the land and gave the high chiefs their service and products
What are 3 foreigners demand of land ownership in Hawaii? 1. They felt it was a right. 2. Wanted to protect their investments, or businesses. 3. Saw it as a benefit to Hawaiians
Who created the Land Commission, a 5 member committee? What was its purpose? The King created the Land Commission to study the land claims of Hawaiians and foreigners
What did the Land Commission determine? The land should be divided into equal thirds. 1/3 for King, ali`i, 1/3 government and 1/3 for the people, maka`ainana.
What does the term mahele mean, as used in class? land division
When did the Mahele begin? January 27, 1848
Although the land division suggested by the Land Commission was never adopted the King was asked to share his lands with 245 other chiefs. What were the King's lands called? Crown Lands
What were the chiefs lands called? Konohiki Lands
On March 7, 1848, 6 weeks after the Mahele began, Kauikeaouli divided his land into his private lands "Crown Lands" and Government Lands. Which group of people would be awarded those lands? The commoners, maka`ainana, if they proved they worked the land as active tenants.
What was the Resident Alien Act of 1850? On July 10,1850, the act provided that foreigners had the right to buy land in fee simple.
What does fee simple mean? Land is owned rather than leased.
What was the Kuleana Act of 1850? In August of 1850, this act provided Hawaiians with the right to own land in fee simple.
What were 3 steps needed for commoners, maka`ainana or Hawaiians to complete so they could own land? 1.Have their land surveyed. 2.Present claim to Land Commission. 3.File the claim by the 1854 deadline
What were kuleana lands? term used to describe the land that the people lived on and cultivated.
What percentage of kuleana grants were awarded to Hawaiians after the 1854 filing deadline? 1% of the total land available
How did many Hawaiians lose their Kuleana lands that they were awarded? 2 ways 1. Did not pay land taxes 2. Did not occupy, or live on, their kuleana.
What is the adverse possession law? Under this law a person was allowed to claim land that had not been occupied by its owner for 10 or more years.
What is a negative effect for the Hawaiians that were awarded kuleana lands? Once the Hawaiians were awarded kuleana lands they were no longer allowed to access to lands used in common by all those who lived within an ahupua`a.
True or False - Hawaiians ended up with more land at the end of the Great Mahele than was initially suggested by the Land Commission. False
In the final land division of the Mahele, what percentage of land was awarded to the government, Government Lands? 37%
In the final land division of the Mahele, what percentage of land was awarded to the chiefs, Konohiki Lands? 39%
In the final land division of the Mahele, what percentage of land was awarded to the king, Crown Lands? 23%
In the final land division of the Mahele, what percentage of land was awarded to the Hawaiians, maka`aianana, Kuleana Lands? 1%
True or False - Foreigners always allowed Hawaiians to use the land if they needed resources since their new land is within the Hawaiians ahupua`a (land division from mountain to sea) False
Created by: MrsJM