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Chapter 5 Rel Quiz

7th grade St Mary Religion

The Eucharist has 2 actions a liturgical Action and a Community action
The Eucharistic Meal has 4 main parts 1) Gathering 2) storytelling 3) Meal Sharing – prep the gifts, the Eucharistic Prayer, the communion rites,) 4) Concluding rites
The penitential Act recall our common need for salvation part of introductory rites
Introductory Rites are intended to gather us together into a worshiping assembly
Why do we gather to experience the presence of Christ
The liturgy of the word is an example of Storytelling
What are the three readings 1) Old testament 2)Letters of Paul or from another apostolic reading 3) One of the four gospels
What do you say after the first two reading ”the word of the lord…. Yes… Thanks be to God
What is the homily takes the word of god from the Gospel reading and brings it to our life today
What is the Nicene creed a statement of our faith in the Scripture and Homily as well as our faith and bapitism
What os the prayer of the faithful pray that our church and world look like gods plan
What are the four catagories of the Prayer of the Faithful 1)Needs of Universal Church 2)All nations and their leaders 3)people in special need 4)Needs of our local parish
What follows the liturgy of the Word the table of the lord
How is the meal celebration described in Mass 1) Perp of the gifts, Eucharistic prayer, Communion rite
What starts the Prep of the gift member of the community bring the bread and wine to the alter
Three thing done in the Eucharistic prayer berakah 1)Call upon God the father to remember his good deeds 2)recall Jesus memory especially the last night and the last supper we recall (anamnesis) his passion death and resurrection 3) we grateful (Eucharist) and petition god (epiclesis) to send his spirit
Preface speaking in the presence of god
Epiclesis he petitions to the holy father to change of blood and body into bread and wine
Anamnesis recalls the events of the last supper then the passion death and resurrection of Christ
The Words of Consecration the events of the last supper
Only a priest can preside over the Eucharist and consecrate the bread and wine
Communion is the sign and source of our reconciliation and union with god
The two things said when provided communion 1) the body of Christ 2) the blood of Christ
Created by: FASnyder
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