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(Willis) Early India

A large landmass that is smaller than a continent Subcontinent
The mountains of northern India Himalayas
Both of these were well planned cities created by people of intelligence Harappa & Mohenjo Daro
India's seasonal winds that create wet and dry seasons annually Monsoons
This Indian civilizations probably had a strong central government Harappa
These people had no central government & were ruled instead by princes called rajas Aryans
In which language did Aryans write their poems and hymns? Sanskrit
These people were very warlike Aryans
The Aryans abandoned their nomadic lifestyle because they began to do this Farm
In Aryan society, ________ was of highest importance in regard to the caste system Following the rules
Vedic texts were a collection of thoughts about these Vedas
Hindus believe that all of their gods are part of a universal spirit called Brahman
Hindus believe that a person’s ultimate goal should be to reunite the soul with the universal Spirit
According to Hinduism, people are reborn into new physical forms. The form one is born into depends on one’s karma
________ would consider the most worthy goal in life to never injure or kill another living thing Jains
_____ left home at age 30 to find answers to his questions about human life Siddhartha Gautama
finding ways to eliminate ________ was of greatest importance to Siddhartha Gautama human suffering
The Buddha believed that people should follow the__________ Middle Path
The guiding principles at the heart of Buddhism are called the Four Noble Truths
What caused many people from lower social classes to support the Buddha’s teachings? The Buddha opposed the caste system
People who work to spread religious beliefs are called missionaries
Which military leader founded the Maurya Empire? Candragupta Maurya
What was one effect of Asoka Maurya becoming a Buddhist? He swore to not fight any more wars
In which way were Asoka Maurya and Siddhartha Gautama similar? Both men were against violence
For 500 years, Buddhism continued to spread in India while _______ declined. Hinduism
Who was the first Gupta emperor? Candra Gupta I
What happened after the Guptas took control of India? Hinduism became more popular
The Guptas built many _________. Buddhist temples
Which Indian piece of literature contains the passages called the Bhagavad Gita? the Mahabharata
________ was very important to the people of ancient India. Religion
The _______ came to India from central Asia. Aryans
In this system, people had to stay in the same caste to which they were born. Caste System
this religion believes in nonviolence, was spread by Asoka & his descendants, & rejected the caste system. Buddhism
Which religion did Emperor Asoka convert to after conquering nearly all of India? Buddhism
_________was known for medicine, the number zero, and Arabic numerals. India
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