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World Religions

Words from Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and Buddhism

Ahura Mazda Zoroastrianism
Ahriman Zoroastrianism
Agni Hinduism
Act of puja Hinduism
Anekantavada Jainism
Anges Jainism
Angra Mainyu Zoroastrianism
Ajivas Jainism
Ascetic Jainism
Atman Hinduism
Aryans Zoroastrianism
Avesta Zoroastrianism
Bengali Hinduism
Bhagavad Gita Hinduism
Bhaki Hinduism
Bodhisattiva Buddhism
Brahman Hinduism
Cryus Zoroastrianism
Dakhma Zoroastrianism
Dharma Hinduism and Buddhism
Dravidian Hinduism
Digambara Jainism
Fire Temple Zoroastrianism
Gathas Zoroastrianism
Gayatari Hinduism
Hinayana Buddhism
Hindi Hinduism
Indra Hinduism
Jina Jainism
Jivas Jainism
Jnana-Marga Hinduism
Karma Jainism, Hinuism, and Buddhism
Kevala Jainism
Koan Buddhism
Kumbh Mela Hinduism
Lamaism Buddhism
Layman Jainism
Magi Zoroastrianism
Mahayana Buddhism
Mandala Hinduism and Buddhism
Mantra Hinduism and Buddhism
Meditation Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism
Moksha Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism
Monism Hinduism and Buddhism
Mithra Hinduism
Mudra Buddhism
Navjote Zoroastrianism
Nirvana Buddhism
Nomads Zoroastrianism
Ohrmazd Zoroastrianism
Pahlavi Zoroastrianism
Rig Veda Hinduism
Rahula Buddhism
Pali Tripitaka Buddhism
Samsara Hinduism and Buddhism
Shiva Hinduism
Sangha Buddhism
Sanskrit Hinduism
Sutras Hinduism and Buddhism
Svetambaras Jainism
Syncretism Buddhism and Hinduism
Theravada Buddhism
Tirthankara Jainism
Varanasi Hinduism
Varnas Hinduism
Varuna Hinduism
Vardhamana Jainism
Vajrayana Jainism
Vedas Hinduism
Vishnu Hindusim
Yasha Zoroastrianism
Zen Buddhism
Triple Basket Pali Tripitaka
Meditating in riddle Koan
Belief that everything is god Pantheism
Excessive pride Hubris
Four Noble Truths 1. The universal human experience of suffering 2. Cause of such suffering is the craving/grasp for the wrong things or for the right things in the wrong way. 3. It is possible for suffering to cease 4. The eightfold noble path
The Three Jewels 1. Right knowledge- know the Jain Creed 2. Right faith- Believe in the Jain Creed 3. Right conduct- Follow the Jain Creed
Zoroastrian holy book Avesta
Source & symbol of life without end Ganges River
12 year major bathing ritual Kumbh Mela
Many sidedness Anekantavada
Founder of Jainism Mahavira
The untouchables Dalit
Schools of Buddhism Theravada Mahayana Vajrayana Lamaism Zen
God is beyond this world Transcendent
the belief that everything happens in circles Cyclical
The higher self Brahman
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