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Hinduism Religion


The Father God (sky God) IN VEDIC HINDUISM? Varuna
Who is the sun god? This god also helps out warriors, military, etc in VEDIC HINDUISM? Mitra
He is the fire god, who helps with sacrifice. Agni
Who is the god associated with the plant juice that is used during sacrifice? Soma
The is a GODDESS. she is terrifying and blood thirsty. Kali
What is Purusha? The Hindu creation of the universe story. Different parts of the World represent different body parts. This lets us know there was probably human sacrifice in early Hinduism.
What are the Vedas? A Hindu scripture that is filled with sacrificial chants, hymns, etc.
What is Brahman? Brahman was at first known as "the chant." Later it became "the power of the chant." Now it is known as God is everything; Everything is God.
What is Atman? Atman is he divine spark within the soul.
What are the Brahmanas and the Upanishads & which does each one say? They are both Hindu writings. The Brahmanas were detailed descriptions on how to perform sacrifice, & the Upanishads were Religious and philosophical writings.tures
Name the 4 Sutras and what they represented? Artha (Wealth), Kama (Pleasure), Dhama (your Conduct), & Brahma (Knowledge)
What does "Bhakti" mean? Devotion
Which god do people usually devote themselves too? Shiva, the god of destruction.
When gods come down and interact with you like people, what are the gods known as? They are called avatars.
Name the Epics Mahabharata, Ramayana, & Bhagavad-Vita
What is the Mahabharata? A very long epic containing devotional things, historical things, etc.
What is the Ramayana? An epic that is all about "Rama." This epic tells us all about relationships.
What is the Bhagavad-Gita Bhagavad-Gita is a scripture in "Mahabharata" which tells the Hindus to follow their dharma to get off the cycle of samsara.
What are the Four Castes (Varnas) Priest, Ruler/Warrior, Farmer, Laborers.
Everything you do all adds up. This determines what you will be in your next life. Karma
What is Samsara? The everlasting cycle that keeps going until you achieve Moksha.
This is what you should do, and what you're supposed to do. Dharma.
What is "Ashrama" The four stages of Hindu life.
Name the four stages of Hindu life "Ashrama" 1. Youth-STUDENT , 2. Adult-HOUSEHOLDER , 3. Middle Aged-FOREST DWELLER , 4. Old Age-REUNCIATE
What is "Yoga" in Hindu terms? Methods of training to become closer with Brahman and keep in touch with him.
Which "Yoga" do you perform so that you have complete control over the body's every function? Hatha Yoga
Which "Yoga" do you perform for learning, thinking, shifting self identification to ones abiding part? Jhana Yoga
Which "Yoga" are feelings more real than thoughts? Bhakti Yoga
Which "Yoga" do you find god in the world of everyday affairs? Karma Yoga
This is the chant at sacrifices? (Not Brahman) Mantras
What is the illusion of distinction? Maya
What is Moksha? The release from Samsara (The cycle of life).
What are Yugas and which Yuga are we in right now? Yugas are "stages of the Earth." We are in the final Yuga, "Kali-Yuga."
Tell me what Sati is. Sati is when a widow burns herself or burries herself with her husband after he dies.
Who are the three main gods involved with the Trimurti? Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma
What is Shiva known for? Shiva is known for being the one who will destroy the Earth.
What is Vishnu known for? Vishnu is the preserver. The god of love. Vishnu is the one that has avatars and has more temples than Shiva or Brahma.
What is Brahma known for? Brahma is the creator of the Earth. Has the fewest temples.
Who is Devi? Devi is one of the few goddesses.
Who is the primary goddess? Shakti.
Who is Surya? Surya is the Hindu god of the sun.
Who is Ganesha? Ganesha is an Elephant headed god. He is responsible for new beginnings, removal of obstacles. We usually see him at weddings.
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