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Test 4 Terms

UAMS Dispensing Test 4 Terms

alveolar osteitis a condition occurring after tooth extraction resulting in a dry appearance of the exposed bone in the socket, due to disintegration or loss of the blood clot (dry socket)
amenorrhea absence of menses
asthenia lack of strength or energy
chorea irregular, spasmodic, involuntary movements of the limbs or facial muscles
endocrinology study of the hormones
galactorrhea spontanous flow of breast milk
hirsutism abnormal heavy growth of hair
hypoesthesia diminished sensitivity to touch
hypesthesia synonym for hypoesthesia
hyperglycemia elevated concentration of glucose in the blood
hypoglycemia low concentration of glucose in the blood
hypernatremia elevated concentration of sodium in the blood
hyponatremia low concentration of sodium in the blood
leukorrhea a white, viscid discharge from the vagina
malaise a vague feeling of discomfort or fatigue
melasma blotchy, brown macules on the cheeks, temples, and forehead - a general term for an area distinguishable by color
chloasma synonym for melasma
menstruation periodic blood that flows as a discharge from the uterus
myalgia pain in a muscle
myodynia synonym for myalgia
polyuria increased volume of urine and frequency of urination
pyrexia fever
thrombosis presence of a blood clot
thrombus clinical term for a blood clot
anakusis deafness
anacusis deafness
anacousia deafness
bradylalia abnormally slow speech
bradylogia abnormally slow speech
cheilitis inflammation of the lips
cholelithiasis presence or formation of gallstones
diplopia the perception of two images in a single object (double vision)
ambiopia synonym for diplopia
dysgeusia impairment of the sense of taste
dysphagia difficulty in swallowing
eructation belching
erythema redness of the skin
glossitis inflammation of the tongue
halitosis bad breath
hemoptysis expectoration of blood or blood-stained sputum
idiopathic of unknown cause
keratitis inflammation of the cornea
lactation the secretion of milk
melena passage of dark stools containing decomposing blood
miosis pupil constriction
mydriasis pupil dilation
oculogyric crisis fixation of the eyeballs in an upward position
ophthalmoplegia paralysis of the eye muscles
oscitation yawning
osteoblast cell that makes bone
osteoclast cell responsible for bone resorption
resorption loss of a substance through physiologic or pathologic means
otalgia pain in the ear
otodynia pain in the ear
pallor decrease or absence of skin coloration
parosmia perversion of the sense of smell
olfaction sense of smell
petechiae pinpoint, nonraised, hemorrhagic spots in the skin or mucous membranes
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein accompanied by thrombus formation
priapism prolonged, painful, inappropriate penile erection
pruritus itching
rhabdomyolysis disintegration or dissolution of muscle tissue
torticollis a contracted state of the cervical muslces producing twisting of the neck and an unnatural position of the head
trismus difficulty in opening the mouth
xerophthalmia dryness of the conjunctiva
xerostomia dryness of the mouth
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