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WR--Buddhism #2

DSST World Religions

Amida The Buddha of infinite light, the personification of compassion whom the Pure Land Buddhists revere as the intermediary between humanity and Supreme Reality; esoterically, the Higher Self.
Asana A yogic posture.
Bhiksh A Buddhist monk or nun who renounces worldliness for the sake of following the path of liberation and whose simple physical needs are met by lay supporters.
Buddha-nature A fully awakened consciousness.
deity yoga In Tibetan Buddhism, the practice of meditative concentration on a specific deity.
Dhammapada A collection of short sayings attributed to Buddha made up of proverbs and adages.
Hinayana Conservative orthodox school, labeled "lesser vehicle. Most often represented by Theravada Buddhism
Koan In Zen Buddhism, a paradoxical puzzle to be solved without ordinary thinking.
Pali The Indian dialect first used for writing down the teachings of the Buddha, which were initially held in memory, and still used today in the Canon of scriptures recognized by the Theravadins.
Puja A act of worship or devotion to a buddha or a bodhisattva.
Pure Land A Buddhist sect in China and Japan that centers on faith in Amida Buddha, who promised to welcome believers to paradise, a metaphor for enlightenment.
Sanskrit The spoken language of ancient India, which belongs to the class of the Indo-European languages. It is used both in Hinduism and in some forms of Buddhism..
Sutra As in Hinduism, a term meaning sacred text
Vajrayana The ultimate vehicle used in Mahayana, mainly Tibetan, Buddhism, consisting of esoteric tantric practices and concentration on deities.
bodhi tree Gautama sat under this and meditated until he found the answer to enlightenment.
Mahayana Liberal school of Buddhism. Translates to "Greater Vehicle." All can achieve enlightenment. Two main sects: Pure Land and Zen.
Sannyasin In Hinduism and Buddhism, a renunciate spiritual seeker.
Stupa A rounded monument containing Buddhist relics or commemorative materials.
Theravada The remaining orthodox school of Buddhism, which adheres closely to the earliest scriptures and emphasizes individual efforts to liberate the mind from suffering.
Zen Buddhism A branch of Mahayana Buddhism which was brought to China in 520 CE It is probably the most common form of Buddhism in the West. Practitioners must usually devote themselves to a life as a monk, for it requires extensive periods of meditation.
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