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EKG Study guide DCCC

A U wave usually occurs When Patient has Low K+
The QRS Complex occurs When Ventricles contract
On the EKG Machine The Standards checks the voltage that the instrument is using
The Hearts has Four Valves made up from Endocardium
The blood leaves the heart though the pulmonic and aortic valves. Called Semi lunar Valves
Where does the blood return to the heart from the body? It enter the right Atrium
Where does the Superior Vena Cava gets it blood from? From the head , neck and upper extremities
What is the inter most layer of the Heart? Endocardium
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) A condition when the heart, for what ever reason cannot meet the demands of the body. The body compensates in 3 ways
What are the two entrance Valves of the Heart? Tricusip and Bicuspid Valves
What are the Semilunar Valves ? Pulmonic and Aortic Valves
Pericardium The Fibrous outer fluid layer that covers the heart & separate it from the Chest Cavity
P Wave The contraction of the atrium
QRS complex The contraction of the Ventricles
T Wave The relaxation of the Ventricles
U Wave Not always seen But represents Low Potassium (K+)
What is The Right and Left Atria known as? Receiving Chambers
What Valve does the blood go threw from the left atrium to the left ventricle? The mitral valve
The only way to Oxygenenate the blood is through..... the Alveoli and Capillaries in the lings
What separate the right and left side of the heart? is the Septum
What is the speed that the EKG is normally run? 25 mm/sec
What is the ground Color? green
What is the diameter of the Coronary Arties? 1/8 inch
Another name for Bicuspid valve? Mitral Valve
What is the purpose of the Gel on the Electrode? To Conduct Electricity
Where does the Myocardium get nourishment from? The Coronary Arteries
What happen if the blood supplies dies Myocardium? The blood supply dies
What is the thickest layer of the Heart? Myocardium
What is the size of the Heart? The size of your Fist
Blood returns to the heart.... inferior and superior vena cava
From the Inferior Vena Cava brings blood from.. below the diaphram
The Superior Vena Cava gets blood from... the head and upper extremities
What does the Pulmonary Veins function? Carries High Oxygen blood; comes from the lungs and returns blood back to the left Atrium for circulation to body organs and cells.
The term for Rapid Heart Beat? Tachycardium
Coronary Insufficiency ? The Right and left coronary arteries supply blood to the heart. Flow is considered insufficient if it can not meet the needs of the heart
What is the purpose of the conduction system? is to initiate the heart beat and regulate the cardiac cycle
Eptopic is a adjective to a event or tissue occurring at a place other than normal location. Ectopic heart beats are generated from impulse originating some other place than the SA node
Where is the SA node located Upper Wall of the right Atrium
What is the SA node Function To generate the stimulus to make the heart beat
Systole The heart is contracting
When the Patient heart beat slow they can suffer from.... Syncope
The heart is located In the mediastium
what is the function of the heart? To pump sufficient amounts of blood to all of the cells in the body
When does the U wave usually appear? After the T wave
What does Ischemia mean? is reduced (ish) blood (emia). A condition of inadequate blood flow to a tissue. Ischemia to the heart can cause angina, and if present long enough, infarction.
What are the Chest leads called? Percordial leads
The right leg electrodes show no cardiac information.. and serves as a ground
What could a broken cable wire cause.... a wondering base line
Mediastinum is the space between the lungs in the chest cavity: hold the heart and other respiratory units
Electrodes are plates for.... that come between the patient and the current
Where do the Augmented aVR leads go? To the right Arm
When the Myocardium is Stimulated ... It contracts
What is the Myocardium made of? Muscle
If a patient has there right arm amputated above the elbow where do you put the leads? You put the leads on the upper part of the arm.
If patient has amputation where do you put the leads? The important thing is to put the leads the same corresponding location.
Pulmonary Artery is the artery that carries low oxygen blood:leaves the right ventricle and goes to the heart
Normal Sinus Rhythm rate is 60-100 beats per min-> each complex and normal in appearance
Bradycardia means the heart rate is below 60 beats per min
Sinus Arrhythmia can be cause by changes in Breathing
Asystole Is a flat line, associated with dealth
Pulmonary Circulation Circulation that goes to the heart's right atrium to the lungs where it is oxygenated and releases built up carbon dioxide
If the heart bear fires ectopically means... the stimulus to generate the heart beat does not occur in the SA Node
Chordae Tendinea Means Holds heart valve in place
What is the faulty action valve closed? heart murmur
When a patient feel heart pain due to an inadequate blood flow t the heart
What is a MI Myocardial infarct and occurs when the mycardial tissue suffer death to the area because of insufficient blood flow
What is the difference between Agonal and Assystole on an EKG Asystole is flat line, while Agonal is less than 20 beats per min
How do you calculate the heart rate? on a ekg strip Counting the complete complexes in 3, or 6 sec and multiply by 20 or 10
Electrocardiogram is the recording or tracing of the EKG
What is the Cardiac cycle? is the beginning of the beat until the beginning of the next beat.
How many leads are on EKG? 10 are use 12 Lead EKG tracing
What does the T wave relaxation of the ventricles
What is one major cause of Heart failure? High Blood Pressure
QRST Complex represents one entire cardiac cycle
What does the Apex of the heart shape liked? pointed at the bottom of the heart
Where does the Apex lies On the Diaphragm
Where does the Pulmonary veins goes too? To the Left Atrium
What encloses the Heart Pericardial Sac
What is Repolarization is the relaxation phase" the process of recharging depolarized cells back to their "Ready" (Polarized) state"
What is Depolarization is Contraction Phase
Which Chamber is the largest Left Ventricle
Why is the left Ventricle largest chamber? because it has a job to pump the blood out of the chamber by contracting
When the heart chambers empties during what Phase? Systolic Phase (Contraction)
What are the Major cause Atherosclerosis? Build up of fat deposits on the walls of the Arteries
Where does the aVF lead goes? Left Leg
What is Angina ? Is heart pain from lack of circulation to coronary arteries
Why does the heart rate go down to 40-60 beat per Minute? the impulse is usually generated in the Av Node
Diastolic Phase The Bottom number in the Blood Pressure
What does each small square represents? .04 per second
Tricuspid Valve Located between the right atrium and left Ventricle. As the name it has three cusps
Mitral Valve Located between the left atrium and the left ventricle. It has two cusps
The Conduction System of the Heart 1. Sinoatrail (SA)node 2. Artrioventricular (AV) Node 3. Atrioventricula (AV) 4.Right&Left Bundle Branches 5. Purkinje fiber
Endocardium inner layer of the heart
Myocardium Muscular layer of the heart
Epicardium is the outer layer of the Heart
Pericardium is the outer sac surrounding the heart from the rest of the chest cavity
Electrocardiograph is the instrument used for recording the heart activity
P wave Atrial contraction
Another name for Leads aVF, aVL, aVR Augmented
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