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Chp 3 notes Ap

What is the first law of migration ? Every migration flow will have a return migration
What is the 2nd law of migration ? Majority of migrants move short distances
What is the 3rd law of migration ? Migrants who move a long distance tend to move to cities
What is the 4th law of migration ? Urban residents are less migratory than rural residents
What is the 5th law of migration ? Familys are less likely to move internationally than young adults
What are the reason people move ? for ecnomic,cultral and enviromental reasons
How many times does the average family move ? once every 6 years
What ways does migration go in ? A to B and B to A
What is postive net migration or in-migration ? Immgrants exceed the number of emigrants
What is negative net migration or out- migration ? When the number of emmigrants exceed the number of immigrants
What is activity space ? Everyday Movement
What are cyclic movements ? involves shorter periods away from home like grocery store
Perodic movement longer periods away from home like vacation
What ways are mobility displayed ? my going everyday to the work from home or from school to work
What are migrant labor ? workers who come for a while
what is transhumance / its a system of farming where you take animals from pasture to pasture
What makes relocation diffusion easier? techenology and transportation
Why isnt the movement of people necissary to spread ideas ? Techenology
What 2 things can diffuse rapidly through expansion diffusion are ? culture and economy
Why do people migrate in big numbers ? Place is still important to an indidual cultral identity and economic diffusion
Why do people migrate ? Because of ecnomic reasons cultral and enviromental
What are the two main countries people get pulled into ? u.s and canada
How can you identify the 3 major reason of push and pull factors ? ecnomic cultral and enviromental
Where do people migrate ? to places where their is more job opportunities
what are the 2 forced internatinal migration that happened historically ? slavery and political insability
How many refugees are their ? 14 million
Where do the refugees go ? thay have no where to stay until a country lets them in or they go back
What is a push factor for refugees? dicator and political reasons
Political conditions can be what ? pull factors
Wht did the communist goverment stop emmigration ? in fear of losing workers
What was the berlin wall built for ? to prevent emigration
1/3 od elderly migrate where ? to Florida
What are attractive enviroments for immigrants ? Sea sides , warm climate
What are migrants pushed by ? lack of water or to much of it
what is a sahel? a place froming into a desert
what are some intervening obstcales ? enviromental or cultral
What has tranportation improvments increased ? globalization
what is todays intervening obstcale ? goverment rules
what does a migrant need to enter a country ? a passport to emigrate and a visa to immigrate
what are the two mian points in ravensteins theroies ? Most migrants relocate a short distance and remain in the same country or migrate long distance migrants go to nother country for ecnomics
why do people internal migrate more than international ? because of the familar language food and customs
why is internatinal migration less ? because of distiance decay
what are the ttpes of internal migration? one is intrregional like south to midwest 2nd is intrarregional like fl to georgia same region
what is the migration transition in stage 1 / high daily or season mobility for food
what was the migration transition in stage 2 ? alot of international migration because of the industrial migration
what is the stage migration in stage 3 and 4 ? a lot of internal migration mostly inrarregional
What were the two distinctive gender in ravensteins theroies ? most long s=distiance migrants are single me and indivduales not family
What is the main reason for males to migrate ? they are looking for work and will most likel get hired
How much of the population of ummigrants are 25-39? 40 %
high percentage of what ? us immigrants that are children
What percent has migrated ? 4 %
What countries have net out migration ? Asia latin america and africa (lcds)
what countries have net in migration ? europe north america and oceanina ( mcds)
what are the 3 biggest flow of migration ? asia to europe ,asia to north america and asia to latin america
What are the 3 eras of migration? 1st was the colonial era 2nd was the industrail revoulution and 3rd is from the 1970 till now
Who were migrating in the 1st era ? the english and the african as slaves
wh was migrating in the 2nd ear ? all europeans
Who was migrating in the 3rd era ? latin americans and asians
what was the first permannent colony ? was james town from 1607-1840
What country has sent the most emmigrants ? Germany
What did the europeans come for ? independence
Where did the remainder of the europeans go ? to cannada ,australia new zeland , southern africa where they could farm
What are some countries tht send a lot of emmigrants / italy,u.k, ireland,and russia
What was the first set of years europe migrates to us ? 1840-1850 immigrants were from 20,000 to 200,000 came from ireland and germnay
what was the 2nd set of years europe migrated to us ? 1870s from weastern europe declined because of civil war
what was the 3rd set of years tht europe migrated to us ? 1880-1900 increased to one half a million oer year came from scandinavia and norwegian and weastern europe
what was the last set of years of europe to us ? 1900-1914 1 million imgrates from southern and eastern europe espically italy russia austria and hungary
What made immigration drop in tge 130-1940? the great depression and world war 2
What are the 2 regions most people migrated from when immigration increases Asia and latin america
How was us population built up / by immigrants from europe ans asia
How is the us population built up today ? by latin america and asia
When did the european migration ended ? in the begining of world war 1
Because of migration from europe what language is spoken in half the world ? Indo- european language and the religion of christianity
What probmlems did europeans start ? economic and cultral
how much of the gate of mexico is locked ? 25 %
How many illegal immigrants came this year ? 500,000
How many illegal immigrants were their in 2008 ? 12 million
Where do most immigrants come from ? Mexico
Out of the 12 million immigrants how many work ? 8.3 million
Where do most immgrants go to ? california and new york
where do most illegal immigrants go ? California
where do indians go to ? california ,
Where do mexico immigrants go texas and california
Where do chinese immigrants go ? New york
Where do cubans,haitians and colombians go ? Florida
Where people go depends on ? how close they are to a location
Why does the south and west attract more people for jobs than the northeast or midwest ? Because of the climate
What was the major obstacle faced my migrants and what is the one today Before enviromental now cultral
What are the 2 system use for migration ? quotas and guest workers
What year was the quotas law passed in the us ? 1921
What percent of people are allowed to come in if they have a native born living in the country ? 2 %
What were quotas laws designed for ? to ensure most immigrants were european
What happened to the country quotas ? they were turned into region quotas
In 1978 the region quotas were turned into ? to global quotas
3/4 of the migrants are allowed in because ? of familys
1/4 enter r\are the what ? skilled workers
Where do guest workers come from ? from poor countries and former colonies
What are guest workers protected by ? minimum wages, laws, and poor union contracts
What is the wet foot dry foot policy ? If a cuban gets to land before caught they could stay
What happened wghen the us goverment closed the embassy ? prevented companies from buying and selling
After the revolution how many cubans came ? 600,000
When was the 2nd flood of cubans ? in 1980 when castro denied political prisoners and criminals
The 2n flood of migration for cubans was called ? Marier boatlift
How many cubans are allowed a year ? 20,000
Why did the hatians came ? for ecnomic reasons
What did the hatians do to the us goverment ? put a law suit against them for letting cubans in but not them
How did the vietnam migrants get here ? after the vitnam war 1,000 came with the usa soilders
when the boat full of vietnam migrants came where were they heled ? in detention camps
How do the citzens feel about newcomers ? they dislike them
What Did the europeans do ? they cut down forests to farm
What did the goverment vote on for illegal immigrants ? that they arent allowed to acess public services
How did the vietnam migrants get here ? after the vitnam war 1,000 came with the usa soilders
when the boat full of vietnam migrants came where were they heled ? in detention camps
How do the citzens feel about newcomers ? they dislike them
What Did the europeans do ? they cut down forests to farm
What did the goverment vote on for illegal immigrants ? that they arent allowed to acess public services
Guest workers live a ? lonley life because they are not used to the culture
Why were they near the coast ? because of imports and exports from europe
What two countries support restrictions on guest workers ? france and germany
What was the global recession ? when the economy is slowing down and the # of guest workers declined
Why have people migrated from one region of a country to another ? for better farmland, or from rural to urban
Where were people found in the first census ? near the cheaspeake bay
Why were they near the coast ? because of imports and exports from europe
What was one of the obstacles from moving west the applachian mts
What canal helped pople move from new york to the great lakes ? the erie canal
in the mid 1900s where did the pioneers ravel to ? california
what pulled ppl into california ? the gold rush
the great plain did what for farming ? they though it was to dry and the lack of trees
The rate of migration slowed down while moving to the plains because ? large scale of migration to the east coast off set the migration
The expanison for the railroad did what ? encourage ppl to move to the great plains
why did people move to the south ? for jobs and enviromental conditions
For russia why was interregional important ? helped build the soviet union
the soviet union encouraged what ? factory near raw materials
what did the tell people to do in russia? to move more east but the pulled failed because of harsh climate
Where did people live in brazil ? near the coast line
What did they do to move people inward ? changed the capital inland
what was the probmlem in Indonesia? to many people were in the island of java
what did they do to move people arounf in indonesia ? they paid for migration to other islands
How was the flow of migration in europe ? east to west and south to north
What did the goverment do in india for migration ? prevents people to move ina and out to keep their culture intact
What is the most common interregional movement ? rural to urban
when did the movement of rural to urban start ? in the industrial revoulution
Where does moving from urban to subburbs occur ? in mcds
what is the main reason to change to the suburbs? for the subburbs lifesyle
why do people move from urban to rural ?` with the thought of being able to farm and produce money
why is it easy to live in the rural now ? because of moderate technology
Created by: BB2424
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