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Foundations of Chris

Exam 2

How are humans created in the image of God? God created humans in his image. Male and Female he created them.
Humans created in the image of God - physical or spiritual? Spiritual image (God's character). God doesn't have a physical being.
How is the image made in God limited? Human dependency, mortality, and corruptibility.
What kinds of things do humans need that God does not need? Food, Shelter, Others,
How are humans above the rest of creation? God breath of life into man and made us responsible (dominion) over all living things.
What kinds of things are new to humanity sense the fall? Image of God blurred, Shameful, Sin, No communion with God, Community disrupted (relationship blurred, not equal), death
Who is guilty of sin? Everyone is guilty of Sin (adam and eve)
What is the result of the fall? Free Will (sin)
Who is the firstborn and why of the father? Adam was the firstborn and made him in his image out of love, for their own sake not Gods.
How is the image of God in humanity changed after the fall? Image of God was blurred and could not see it in each other, instead saw shame and sin.
What is salvation? salvation is rescue of a person caught in a hopeless situation, we can redeem our sins
Atonement - Term, implications and uses in reference to salvation satisfaction has to be rendered for wrongdoing (sacrifice-Jesus)
Justification - In reference to salvation Justification- since Christ has suffered the punishment for sin in our place, we can be forgiven.
Reconciliation - In reference to salvation Readiness to turn away from God, but he is still waiting for us with open arms (infinite love)
Adoption - In reference to salvation God makes us sons and daughters. New standing in relation to Him affter saved.
How does God change sinners? He created all the right conditions for accepting us as His childrn, and wait willingly for us to accept Him.
Ideas behind calling Calling (called by God for purpose of his will)- predetermined, everybody matters to God, salvation, individuals chosen for ministry
Current views on redemption Liberation Theology - Christ work to liberate ppl from oppression, example to follow; Process Theology - Creation part of God being and God transform with us; Universalism - All humans saved regardless sought or reject
How was the church formed? The church began when god created Adam and Eve in plural, but Abraham made community of church (community of believers), then built by christ
Who was the rock on which the church was built? Every believer is a building block. All apart of the church.
Who was the cornerstone? Jesus is the cornerstone
How does the church fit in the O.T., the N.T. and Today? O.T. - Abraham builds community (father of many nations), N.T. - Oneness, building of church; Today - All one in Christ (equal), oneness thru diversity
What is the oneness of the church and what are the characteristics of oneness? A community of oneness, one flesh, one body, diversity and community.
What are the characteristics for oneness(in community, worship, outreach)? Community-shared faith, purpose, lifestyle, authority; worship-giving worth to God, hindrances, Baptisim/Communion; outreach-converstion, compassion, confrontation,
What is worship and what are some hindrances to it? Hinderances - limiting women of duties, ministers required to be ordained, hierachy within church
What is the Parousia? *presence/arrival - reference to the second coming; immanent,
What are the three signs of the end that Jesus gave in the Olivet Discourse? the fall of Jerusalem (specifically the temple), the preaching of the gospel to all nations, and the time of distress or tribulation (
What does the bible teach about the Parousia? Teaching of Jesus (end times), Paul (final resurrection), Peter (indeed come), John (point to end*sixth seal, seventh trumpet,etc)
What does the tern "immanent" mean when used in reference to the Parousia? The Parousia "IS" going to happen.
What are some of the events that will take place at the time of the Parousia? (eg. universal renewal and removal) The Universal Renewal (things made new-resurrection*remade in image and reunion*with Hiim);Removal (evil banished, retrubution by judgement*separation of ppl against God)
What are some of the current ideas of the end times? Anti-eschatological Attitudes (metophorical), Indifferent Attitudes (detatched), Obsessive Attitudes (over-engaged)
Define Ethics. Why I should or should not do something. And who should I be?
What is character? composed of a "mysterious unity of actions, affections, and reasons" (convictions through growth, shaped by social*family, groups)
What is Christian community? Christian community is necessary for development of Christian character.
Define Koinonia. "fellowship of relatedness of Christians with Christ and consequently with one another"; requires people live in community, are committes to one another, and share a common understanding of what is right and wrong; shared life; transcend society
What is praxis and how is it different from simply action or practice? "reflective action" - different from action or practice because it is the practice combined with theory and flows out of our being; on purpose; go beyond for all people
What helps to shape our character? Christian character is both revealed and shaped by our actions.
What constitutes character? development of who you are
What are convictions? We draw our convictions from being in and around the community of God, reading his word, and worshiping him
What does the Hebrew word "Yada" mean? Yada means to know (intimately)
What are some of the spiritual disciplines? (pg 309) Inward disciplines (meditation, prayer, fasting, study), outward disciplines (simplicity, solitude, submission, service), corporate disciplines (confession, worship, guidance, celebration)
Deontological Ethics Acting out of duty or obligation
Consequnetialist ethics Evaluate moral worth of an action by reference the the consequences
Character Ethics Making decisions based on shared core values
What is integrity and why is it important? (loyalty to do whats right)society not lies; opportunity for education that nurtures openness of mind, critical examination of current beliefs, coherent or integral ways of thought for each consistent with the item next to follow, full spiritual liberty.
Ideas behind Regeneration Regeneration (re-birth)- conviction (negative*state of guilt and need and positive*convinced of hope), conversion (negative*repent and positive*saved by faith)
Ideas behind sanctification (lifelong process of change that Scripture provides/to purify) - Moralistic approach (ascetisism*reach through denying desires of flesh and Legalism*list of dos and donts and self-improvement techniques)Crisis-experience Approach (God accountable)
What is worship? Worship is the ascribing or giving of worth to God.
Created by: sabrina.legarrea
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