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Latin Amer. Culture

Adv. World Geo.

callaloo a soup with many ingredients
indigenous Native; a group descended from the area's first inhabitants
dialect forms of a language unique to a particular place or group
kiche indigenous dialect of Central America
Tupi-Guarani indigenous dialect of Paraguay and Brazil
Aymara indigenous dialect of Bolivia
Quechua indigenous dialect of Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru
bilingual fluent in two languages
patois dialects that blend elements of indigenous, European, African and Asian languages
populated rim continent's edges that support a high population due to favorable climate fertile soil, easy accessibility
population density the average number of people living in a square mile or square kilometer
migration the movement of people from place to place
immigration to enter a country and settle there
emigration to leave your country in order to settle in another country
internal migration movement within a region or country
urbanization the migration of people from the countryside to cities, resulting in a change from a rural to an urban society
mega cities cities having a population of 10 million+
primate city urban area that dominates it country's economy, culture, and political affairs
glyphs picture writings carved in stone
chinampas floating islands mades from large, mud-covered rafts used by aztec farmers
xocoah "food of the gods" (chocolate)
quipu knotted cords or various lengths and colors, used by the inca to keep financial records
conquistadors spanish conquerors
viceroys royally appointed officials of spanish territories
caudillo Latin American dictator
syncretism a blending of beliefs and practices from different religions into a single faith
roman catholicism African-based syncretic religion of Brazil
santeria African-based syncretic religion of cuba
voodoo african based syncretic religion of haiti
murals wall paintings
mosaic pictures or designs made by setting small bits of stone, tile or shell into mortar
futbol Latin American soccer
Jai Aiai similar to handball, a fast-paced sport of Latin America
reasons why some countries may experience a rapid population growth culture immigration low death /high birth
why problems does this present for government? lack of infra structure shortage of surface pace
Diego rivera artist (murals)
Oscar Niemeyer architect
gabriel garcia marquez writer
Zapata; simon bolivar, father miguel hidalgo;francois toussaint-louverture: revolutionary leaders (liberators)
Carnival festival
Carter Which U.S. President was responsible for returning the canal to Panama?
the canal was returned to the people of Panama What happened in 2000?
What was the first official ship through the canal? Cristobal
1904-August 1914 When did the U.S. start and complete the canal?
water lifts or lowers them through the locks How do ships move through the locks?
Army Lieutenant George Washington Goethals Who was the military (Army Corps) engineer who was responsible for the majority of the canal build?
malaria, yellow fever, bubonic plague, smallpox What diseases were a part of Canal Zone construction?
They wrote the treaty What part did Phillipe Banau-Varilla and Senator John-Hay play in acquiring the Canal Zone?
Ferdinand de Lesseps Who was the hero of Suez?
insufficient funds; disease plagued workers; formerly volcanic area What problems did Lesseps face?
United States Who did France sell the canal lease to?
Nicaragua and Panama Which two countries were considered by the U.S. for canal construction?
Theodore Roosevelt Which president is associated with the canal?
a foreign advisor of Compagnie Nouvelle Who was Phillipe Bunau-Varilla?
$40 million to purchase the New Panama Canal Company and power to negotiate a treaty with Colombia What did the Spooner Act provide?
support of the Panamanian revolution against Colombia How did the United States take control of Panama?
southern Mexico and northern Central America location of Maya
central Mexico location of Aztec
Andes (Ecuador to central Chile) location of Inca
Tikal and Chichen Itza principle cities of Maya
Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) principle city of Aztec
Machu Picchu and Cuzco principle cities of Inca
A.D. 250-900 time period of Maya
A.D. 1300s time period of Aztec and Inca
architecture, glyphs, and astronomy accomplishments of Maya
social system and agriculture accomplishments of Aztec
irrigation, terraces, quipu, and oral storytelling accomplishments of Inca
African Some Latin Americans mix Christianity with native or ___ religions.
Spanish The Roman Catholic religion that dominates Latin America today was adopted from the region's Portuguese and ___ colonizers.
oppressed Though initially the Catholic Church backed the wealthy, in the 1900s it supported the poor and the ____ in their striving for a better life.
missionaries Protestantism came to Latin America from Britain and Holland and was promoted by many ___ to the area.
syncretism The blending of diverse beliefs into a single religion is called ____.
weaving Early Native American art includes metalwork, woodcarving, pottery, and ___.
mortality Infant ___ rates are falling in much of Latin M America.
malnutrition Poor sanitation and a poor diet, which leads to ___, causes health problems in many Latin American nations.
literacy School attendance is rising, and ____ rates in Latin America are increasing.
machismo As more women attend universities and go to work, the male tradition of ___ is fading.
extended An ____ family includes members of several generations.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Modern Latin American writers, such as ___, are known for their blending of the real and the fabulous or mythical in their novels.
Diego Rivera The modern Mexican artist ___ is world famous for his murals.
Inca Three Native American groups to develop civilizations in Latin American were the Maya of Central America, the Aztec of Mexico, and the ___ of Peru.
Portuguese Of the first Europeans to settle in Latin America, most were Spanish and ___.
Brazil Africans were brought to ___ and the Caribbean to work on the plantations.
ethnic Overall, the nations of Latin America have a diversity of ___ groups.
European Most Latin American countries adopted the language of their ___ colonizers.
dialects People in different parts of Latin America speak different ___, or forms of a language unique to a particular place or group.
coasts Most Latin Americans live along the ___ of either the Atlantic or the Pacific Oceans.
uninhabited The vast interior of South America remains largely ___ because of the harsh climate and rugged landscape.
interior The Brazilian government moved its capital from coastal Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia to encourage people to settle the ___.
densities Unlike South America, with its huge expanses of land, small Caribbean countries have extremely high population ___.
Mexico City A significant part of the Mexican population is concentrated in and around ___.
suburbs A megacity, such as Mexico City, has expanded to absorb surrounding cities and ___.
economy Primate cities are so big that they often dominate the country's politics, culture, and ___.
housing In Latin America, many poor people who flock to cities are forced to live in areas with substandard ____ and few services.
homelessness The stress of poverty in overcrowded cities often result in ___ for many children, who must fend for themselves on the streets.
Maya empire skilled in mathematics
Maya empire known for abandoned cities
Aztec empire known for chinampas, corn, and chocolate
Aztec empire related to Cortez
Inca empire known for construction and agricultural developments
Inca empire related to Pizarro
Roman Catholic Church religion that became the unifying institution
source of wealth gold, silver, Brazil wood, plantations
Native Americans and enslaved African workers groups that were wiped out by disease and caused a blending of cultures
Europe What country's rule cause resentment in Latin America?
Haiti country associated with Louverture
Mexico country associated with Hidalgo
Venezuela country associated with Bolivar
Brazil only country to become independent without violence
dictatorship caused by political and economical instability
Mexico country where the end of the peonage system ended
Cuba (Castro) In what country is there a struggle to end corrupt politics?
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