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CWC II- Quiz 2

Luther saw the heart of the Bible in the Epistles of Paul, Erasmus on the other hand, saw the __________ as most important. Gospels
Which of the following dates is significant because it marks the fixed division among Protestants? 1529
The first step in the German revolution launched by Martin Luther was to curtail the jurisdiction of canon law
Which of the following dates is significant because it marks the beginning of a secular order of relations among political territories recognized as maintaining relations of religious equality? 1555
Which of the following is an innovative addition to Roman Catholic teaching about making a good and full confession? turning to the treasury of merit
All of the following were major tenets in Luther's religious views except: the sinner cooperates with God to merit justification
Who ultimately had the greatest geographical impact in Europe concerning the reform of the Roman Catholic Church? Calvin
Calvin believed that, given a free choice, __________ would choose to go to hell, unless God stepped in with giving His grace. everyone
Luther’s revolution that led to the Protestant Reformation achieved all of the following except: stressed freedom of conscience
All of the following could be said about Huldrich Zwinglis except: pacifist
Who said, "The regenerated do not go to war, nor engage in strife"? Menno Simons
Calvinists could embrace all of the following except legitimizing popular rebellion
As founding theologian of the English Reformation, Thomas Cranmer advocated all of the following except retain Latin for the church service only
The goal of Queen Elizabeth I was not of the following except to unify England through the Book of Common Prayer
Who said the following: "To arrive at complete certainty this is the attitude of mind we would maintain: I will believe that the white object I see is black if that should be the decision of the hierarchical church…" Ignatius of Loyola
Probably the single largest impediment to Western missionary work in Africa was European involvement in slave trade
Perhaps after the apostle Paul, the greatest missionary of all time could have been Francis Xavier
Spanish penetration into the area of Mexico resulted in what percent of decrease in the indigenous population between 1532 and 1608? more than 90%
One of the fastest growing churches in Christian history that suffered the largest number of martyrs at any one time and place in Christian history was planted among the people of Japan
In their efforts to fit Christianity into Chines culture the Jesuits under the lead of Matteo Ricci did all of the following except stress the crucifixion as the heart of the Christian gospel
By the eighteenth century the Roman Catholic Church became an institution primarily of wealth and power, being the holder of __________ of the agricultural lands in Latin America. 50%
Puritans bequeathed to later generations important "habits of the heart" as part of American culture. These habits included all of the following except thorough rejection of intolerant attitudes toward others of religious difference
After the mid-seventeenth century, which of the following dynastic territories was most powerful? France
Like Venice, the United Provinces making up what territory played a major power role as a European republic? Netherlands
Compared with their western counterparts, eastern peasants were tied to the lands they worked by labor service.
Which of the following did not have a large class of nobly born men and women enjoying extensive legal privileges as a peer order separate from the rest of the population? England
Old formal social hierarchies were criticized in countries with all of the following characteristics except: decreasing literacy
What social form of association came into practice in the early eighteenth century that offered women an opportunity to assume a greater role in intellectual discussions? the salon
Although Jews resided throughout Europe, the greatest number of Jewish Europeans resided in areas around Poland and Russia
All of the following descriptions of Martin Luther are correct except taught salvation by observance of the sacraments
Martin Luther was excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church in the year 1521
Struck at the imperial Diet of Augsburg in 1555, the nature of the agreement that provided peace to the empire through establishing religious pluralism may best be described as secular
Which of the following two Christian confessions of faith were most international in their distribution? Calvinist and Roman Catholic
In which of the following countries did the Reformation help its representative political body survive? England
The King of England relied upon what authority to sanction his proclaiming himself the Head of the Church of England? the Parliament as the national representative body of England
Bishops from which areas of Europe dominated the Council of Trent convened by the pope in 1543? Italy and Spain
The last Holy Roman Emperor to receive papal coronation was Charles V
The new cultural force of science achieved all of the following except reinforced the world picture embodied in the great synthesis of Aristotle and the Bible as the best available way to understand the world and man's place in it.
The Enlightenment injected into world history all of the following except cultural sense of stability, without fear of decline or hope of progress
By what year had the idea of Christendom effectively been bracketed off from state relations as a part of Europe's political reality? 1648
The Peace of Westphalia marked the end of what country's dream of military supremacy in Europe? Spain
What European Revolution resulted in the trial, condemnation and execution of a king as the dynastic ruler of his country? the Puritan Revolution
What European monarchy was most closely aligned with the cause of the Counter-Reformation? Philip II of Spain
After 1500 the major structural changes in Europe included all of the following except the continuance of the Ottoman empire as a great power in the east
Printing revolutionized European life in that it assured an international intellectual community in which ideas and images quickly spread for consideration and criticism
Where did Lutheranism spread most successively in Europe? Scandinavia via acceptance by Danish and Swedish kings
In the sixteenth-century, which of the following dynastic territories was most powerful? Spain
During the period 1500-1800 the social order of Europe was divided along which of the following geographic lines relatively open societies advanced in the west while to the east authoritarian governments prevailed
Which of the following in the sixteenth century was least divided over issues of religion? Spain
Which of the following dates is significant because it marks the fixed division between Protestants and Roman Catholics? 1541
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