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5th religion


Where did Abraham's descendants travel to in search of food? Egypt
What is another word that means Egyptian king? Pharaoh
What did the Egyptians do to the Hebrews? made them slaves
Who did God choose to lead his people to freedom? Moses
What is the Jewish feast that celebrates the passage of God's people from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the land God promised them? Passover
Name the 4 parts of the Paschal Mystery: *Passion *Death *Resurrection * Ascension of Jesus
Through the Paschal Mystery Jesus frees us from ______and ______ death and sin
What happened at the Last Supper? Jesus gave the Church the Eucharist
What was the Betrayal and Arrest? Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus to his enemies while Jesus was praying at the Garden of Gethsemane.
What happened at the Trial and Sentencing? Pilate handed Jesus over to be crucified
Describe the Suffering, Death, and Burial: Veronica wiped the blood of sweat off Jesus' face as he carried the cross. Jesus was crucified at Calvary, a hill outside Jerusalem.
What was the Resurrection? Jesus being raised from the dead to a new and glorious life.
What is the heart of our Christian faith? Resurrection
Why didn't the disciples recognize Jesus after the Resurrection? the Holy Spirit gloriously changed his body
After the Resurrection who raised Jesus into a new and glorious life? God
What means the return of Jesus in glory to his Father? Ascension
Jesus ascended to his Father means 3 things: *Jesus has returned in glory and majesty to his Father *Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us *We are responsible for continuing the mission of Jesus on earth
What do we call shrined to remember the Passion and death of Christ that are placed in churches? Stations of the Cross
At the Stations of the Cross we profess our faith in the _____________ and announce that God's plan of ___________is fulfilled in Jesus. Paschal Mystery ........ salvation
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