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Mr. Coady's Global#1

M.P. #1 Flashcards

What was the Neolithic Revolution known for? The creation of agriculture and domestication of animals.
What does it mean to be nomadic? To always be on the go & not establish permanent settlements (following your food source)
What happened to women's rights with the creation of civilization? Women worked less and lost rights in a male dominated society.
A story about a major breakthrough in science would be chiefly fall in which G.R.A.P.E.S. category? Achievements.
A story about the role of prayer in schools would chiefly fall in which TWO G.R.A.P.E.S. category? Religion & Society.
A story about the civil war in Syria would chiefly fall in which G.R.A.P.E.S. category? Politics.
A story about the Greek Debt crisis would chiefly fall in which G.R.A.P.E.S. category? Economics.
A story about how the Andes Mountain Range affects trade in South America would chiefly fall in which G.R.A.P.E.S. category? Geography.
Someone who studies the customs of an Ancient civilization is a... Anthropologist.
Someone who studies the customs of a present day organization is a... Sociologist.
Someone who studies rock formations and soil makeup is a... Geologist
Someone who studies primary source documents for the purpose of writing a book is a... Historian.
Someone who studies how the average family spends their money is a... Economist.
Someone who uncovers ancient relics in sites such as Egypt is a... Archeologist.
When nomads finally stopped wandering they created? Permanent Settlements.
This kind of map shows national borders and capitals... A Political Map.
This kind of map features mountain ranges, ocean depths and rivers... A Physical Map.
A South American nation very much shaped by a mountain. Chile.
In the Coady system of geography the Strait of Gibraltar is a... Door.
In the Coady system of geography the Andes Mountains are a... Wall.
In the Coady system of geography the Nile River is a... Hallway.
In the Coady system of geography New York Harbor is a... Parking lot.
A weaver, a soldiers, a scribe are all example of this impact of the Neolithic Revolution. Job Specialization.
When Uki urinated in public he discovered... Irrigation.
The first civilizations formed near what geographic feature (hint: it's where we go after we've defeated the zombie armies)? Rivers.
September 11th has to do with which of the following G.R.A.P.E.S. categories? All of them.
The plow, the potter's wheel, the wheel are all examples of... Technological Advancements.
When sociology meets archeology we have... Anthropology.
True or False: Paleolithic Man had mastery over fire and rudimentary language. True!
True or False: Women and children worked very hard in nomadic tribes. True!
True or False: Job specialization was a big aspect of the Paleolithic Age? False! It was a neolithic development.
True or False: A soldier's diary is considered a secondary source. False! It is a primary source.
True or False: A biography of George Washington is a secondary source. True!
True of False: A speech given by a powerful leader is a primary source. True!
Impact of the Bronze Age: Important for developing tools and weapons. Metal workers were considered magical.
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