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AP HUGE for Mr. Gray

Human Geography Stack

Shatterbelt Set of countries that break apart and reform multiple times over a number of years.
Gerrymandering Reformation of districts for political gain.`
Distance into sea usable for economic gain. 200 miles.
Distance into sea usable for any purpose. 12 miles.
What is folk culture? Incorporates a homogeneous population, usually rural, and cohesive in traits.
What is pop culture? Incorporates heterogeneous populations, usually urban and quickly changes traits.
What is a Stateless-Nation in the middle east? The Kurds.
What is the Nation in the British Isles? The Scots.
Judaism is ______ distributed throughout the world. Widely.
What is the state on the very southern edge of the African Continent? South Africa
Created by: nathan.bell.14