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Political Geography

Defined Law of the Seas Truman Proclamation
Who was the first to follow the US in the Law of the Seas? Mexico
The limit on international waters 200 nautical miles
What quantified territorial seas and delimited territory up to 12 miles? UNCLOS 3
What did the Exclusive Economic Zone allow? The state can ECONOMICALLY do whatever they want up to 200 nautical miles
In the EEZ, what happens if the continental shelf extends beyond 200 nm from the shore? Coastal state can go up to 350 nm from the shore.
What did the Common Heritage Clause state? minerals belong to all humankind; helps landlock countries
What is a centrifugal force? Forces within a state that divide it
The two definitions of Devolution 1. when a state cedes some power to sub-state units 2. when a state breaks apart (Yugoslavia)
What makes Scotland capable of breaking away from England? They have patrolium, they're rich, and they have Shawn Conry
What is the Catalan of Spain? the very wealthy part of Spain that wants out of being apart of Spain
What is an exclave? the piece of land broken off from the mother land.
What are definitional boundary disputes? center on legal issues
What are allocational boundary disputes? conflict over stuff
What is shatterbelt? Breaks apart and comes together repeatedly
Etemically cleansing getting rid of a group of people
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