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Abbreviations-Bonewit Chap1- Devon

_ aa of each
Ab abortion
abd abdomen
abs absent
ac before meals
ad lid as desired
admin administer
A.M a.m before noon
amt amount
AP apical pusle
approx approximately
appt appointment
ASA acetylsa acid
ASAP as soon as possible
BC birth control
bid twice a day
BM bowel movment
BP blood pressure
BPM beats per minute
BS bllod sugar
BSE breast self-examination
c with
caps capsules
CC chief complaint
chemo chemo therapy
CMA (AAMA) certified medical assistant (American association of Medical Assistanta
c/o complains of
CS cencearean section
Cx cervics
d day
d/c discontiue
D&I dry and intact
dil dilute
disch discharge
DNKA did not keep appointment
DOB date of birth
DOI date of injury
DRE digital recatl exam
DSD dry streile dressing
DTaP diptheria and tetanus toxids and acellular pertissue veaccine
DVA distance visual acuity
ea each
ED emergency department
EDD expected date of delivery
Fe iron
flex sig flexible sigmoidoscopy
freq frequent
F/U follow up
Fx fracture
GYN gyneology
h or hr hour
H/A headache
HBP high blood pressure
HC head circumferance
Hep B hepatitis B vaccine
Hg mercury
H20 water
HR heart rate
HRT hormone replacement therapy
hs bed time
ht height
ID intradermal
IM intramuscular
IPV inactivated pilo vaccine
IV intravenous
lab laboratory
lac laceration
lat lateral
lax laxative
LB lower back
LBP lower back pain
liq liquid
LMP last menstual period
med,med medication medication
min minute
MMR measles mumps and rubella
mod moderate
N/A not applicable
NB new born
N/C no complaints
neg negative
NH nursing home
NICU newborn intensive care unit
NKA no known allergies
NKDA no known drug allergies
NMP normal menstrual period
noct nocturnal
NS normal saline
N&V nausea and vomiting
NVA near visual acuity
OB obstetricts
occ occasionally
oint ointment
op operation
OR operating room
OT occupational therapy
OTC over the counter
OV ofice visit
P pulse
Pap pap test
parth pathogen
pc after meals
peds peditrics
PEN penicillin
per by or through
pharm pharmacy
PM or p.m. afternoon
PMS premenstrual symdrom
po PO by mouth
pos poistive
postop postperative
perop preoperative
prep preperation
Created by: devonlott