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Apollonius of Tyana Neo-Pythagorean teacher/pagan holy man/worshipper of Roman gods/performed miracles just like Jesus did.
Hanina been Dosa Jewish miracles worker - miracles like Jesus'/crucified
Honi the Circle Drawer Miracles & experiences similar to those of Jesus - Jew - Drew a circle in the stand, stood inside, preached to God until it rained
Silent Protest Caligula: state of him in the form of Zeus in the form of a temple - assassinated before they could carry it out.
Which 7 New Testament letters do scholars argue are authentically written by Paul? Romans, first thessalonians, phillippians, philemon, galetians, 1st and 2nd corinthians
What was Paul's typical strategy for evagelizing, esp. in Thesslonica - preaching on street corner? indoctrinating disiples? working at trade and talking up "good news"? through paul's trade, tent making or leather maker
How many missionary journeys did Paul take? Three - beheaded and ended up in Rome
According the Acts, must a believer first adopt Judaism to become a Jesus follower? Peter was eating with gentiles saying they don’t have to be circumcised. According to paul, no - **
Who are the 2 men in white robes to appear in Luke's narrative Angels
Jesus summarizes the whole Torah in terms of what 2 commandments? You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. && And the second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.
In which early Christian sources do we find the 3 temptations in the wilderness, the Beatitudes, AND the Lord's Prayer? Luke and Q
Which gospel begins by announcing some secret sayings from Jesus? Thomas
What are the 2 models of salvation in Paul's letter to the ___ Romans
What are the 2 model of salvation in Paul's letter to the Romans? – participationist and judicial – difference : part- participate in salvation through baptisms, jud – God is a law maker/judge – someone stands in for you, ex. Jesus
Which 2 gospels give birth narratives of Jesus Matthew and Luke
What is Docetism a heresy? One Docetist passion narrative had ___, not Jesus, as the person who died on the cross. Docetism: seemed, Jesus only seemed to appear as flesh - they believed Simon of Cyrene picked up the cross.
Who wrote a work, ___ in which he stated contradictions between Old and New Testaments? His intention seemed to be to show that __ the God of the Jews/was evil and diff frm God of _ who was father of Jesus/How does he view sex, marrge, kids/whose scheme Stated contradictions -Marcions, Antithosies. Intion showed that Yahweh or Jehovah, different than the God of love, The New testament. refrain from doing it, even stronger – retaining holds in the material world – schemes: archans. Or gatekeepers
"Become passersby" - in which gospel is this passage located, and what does it mean? Thomas, go through it and get through it??????
Which gospel writer uses Great Discourses in talking about Jesus' teaching ministry? Matthew
How are these 5 basic parts of Jesus' new religion consistent with traditional Jewish thought? What past Jewish leader also was hinted at in this gospel's writer's presentation of Jesus? Moses __Add in more__
What style of argumentation does Paul use that consists of a question ('What then shall we say?'), w/ an imagined objection being raised ('Shall we continue in sin, so that grace may abound?'), and then a forceful rhetorical reply is given? Diatribe/Shall we continue in sin so that grace may abound - Hell No
Ehrman mentions 3 different ways that ancient thinkers conceived of life after death - state them, and say which sounds closest to Paul's own view? Is there a 4th way? Re-iniliation, soul dies with body, disembody
What was Paul's trade leather and tent
What are 2 of the 3 great apologetic speeches in the Acts of the Apostles? – peter – speaking to jew’ day of pentacost, paul – speaking to Athens, paul – to the romans; defending the faith
My polis is the cosmos Markus Aurelius
What does sema mean and what group of philosophers regarded it in this way? Tomb for the soul - whom: Platonist
Soma Body
Autarkeia Christos
Sicarii Daggermen, Pharises, sicarii, esscenes?
Kenosis Humbled - empty ones self
Pneumatikoi Spirit or breath
Diakonos Servant
Hamartolos Habitual Sinner
Metanoia Repentance
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