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Religion Mid Term


Sacred Tradition living transmission of the message of the Gospel in the church
Divine Revelation God's self communication whereby he makes known the mystery of his divine plan. God must fully revealed himself when he sends us his own divine son Jesus Christ
Salvation History story of God's saving activity in human history
magisterium official teaching authority of the church that resident the pope (successor of Peter) and the bishops in communion with him
incarnation core catholic teaching that the son of God took on human flesh in the person of Jesus Christ
dogma central truth of revelation that catholics are obliged to believe
gospel the good news preach by Jesus
Christ title given to Jesus means 'anointed one"
Lord title for Jesus translate the Greek word Kurios. Rendered Hebrew word for God. To call Jesus "Lord" is to call him God
Kerygma core teaching about Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
Testament "covenant" open-ended contract of love between God an human beings Jesus' Death and Resurrection sealed God's new covenant of love for all time
septuagint second century bc greek translation of the hebrew bible made at Alexandria Egypt
New Covenant the climax of salvation history the coming of jesus christ, the fullness of God's Revelation
Inspiration the guidance given to the human authors of Sacred Scripture so they wrote what God wanted written for our benefite
evangelist person who proclaims the good news of jesus christ the four evangelists refers to the authors of the four gospels:mathew,mark,luke,john
canon official list of the insipred books of the bible catholics list 46 old test. 27 new test.
Catechesis process of religious instruction and formation in the major elemnts of the catholic faith
synoptic Gospels gospels of mathew mark luke which because of their similarities can be seen together in parallel columns and mutual compared
Q a common source of saying by jesus
M saying unique to Mathew
L saying unique to Luke
Form Criticism Examines literary differences among New Testament writings
Source Criticism tries to discover what source Nt writers used to compose their work
historical criticism tries to discover what writers would have originally meant when writing particular texts
redaction criticism examines how and why writers arranged material in a particular way
textual criticism examens the main changes and mistakes that copyist made through the centuries of handwriting copies of the text
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