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UBBL Luke 1

Study of Luke

The big 3 A. What is the Genre (type of lit) B. Historical context inc. World View C. What is literary Context.
Significance of son Carry on the name, live through son.
Air between earth and moon was filled with Demons
Moon day was the worst day of the Week (Luna-tick)
Sun was considered a Planet
Moon Day, Tuesday Mars, Wodens day, Thor Thursday
The synagogue was a place to Teach
Rabi Pharisee
Persia policy Send them home and tax them
Babylon policy Take the best of them
Assyria Disperse them
Temple is related to the Sadducees
After the Diaspora A lot of people stayed
Rabbi, Torah, Synagogue, Lawyers are all related to the Pharisees
During the Persian rule ideas such as Resurrection and Satan’s helper both arose
Hellenism Greek influence
Septuagint Greek Bible
Gymnasium Social center for Greeks
Kumran Disilusioned priests who left Jerusalem when Anticas.
what did Anticas do? Pork barbecues
Herendous tribulation for 7 years was called the abomination that makes desolate
Macabees was the leader of the revolt
What does Hasmonean mean?
Boundary Markers Sabbath observance, food laws, idolatry, circumcision
Two Crises 1. Exile 2. Persecution by Anticas
LXX Septuagint 70-72 Jewish leaders put this together
Capernum geographically Near Galilee (northwest shore of Galilee)
Signficance of Capernum
Nazareth Geographically Kind of remote to the left of the sea of Galilee
Signifcance of Nazareth Where Jesus hung out
Sephorus Geographically Above Nazareth (Jesus may have lived here
Tiberias Capital city
Sources for places The Bible and Josephus
Bar-Kochba was thought to be the messiah
Anointed Messiah
People anointed king, prophet, priest.
Solomon’s temple time frame 950-587
The second temple time frame 515BCE-70 CE
Cyrus cylinder telling them they could go home
Jewish priests built the expansion per Herod the Great
Themes of Luke Prayer, healing, obedience, servant’s heart, travel, justice, money
Reversal relative to Jesus ministry things turned upside down
Reciprocity was important
What is the difference between Ptolemy and Selucids?
Similitude Extended simile
Anticas made circumcision unlawful
What are ten things the birth Naratives have in common? Predetermined name, command not to be afraid, prophesy of conception, greatness promised, Gabriel brings message, time setting, lineage, doubt, “don’t be afraid”, problem posed, filled with Holy Spirit
Oikonomia stewardship
Oikonomas Steward
Work is a calling from God
Luke 4:43
Dei It is necessary
Messiah in Hebrew(?) Meshiach meaning anointed
Christos anointed
Son of God King
In wilderness temptation, Jesus refuses to exercise power for own survival
Why were stories collected? Missionary preaching and teaching, other-polemics, discipline, worship, entertainment
T/F Stories of Jesus were used w/ little or no interst in the historical, why? central affirmation of the faith, therefore, did not celebrate a dead hero, but a living lord" (Achtemeier, p. 3).
Why write a gospel? A. the need to enlarge circle of evangelism/teaching B. to present a body of authorative teaching C. fulfill natural curiosity of a new convert
Redaction edited
Standard assumption of sources? Mark with a Q source
Luke improves Mark’s Greek style and language
Luke orients his gospel toward Jerusalem
Description of reading from scroll Violent, passionate, emotional
Unique to Luke Good Samaritan/Prodigal son
Programatic statement in Luke 4
A plug is found in Luke 4
Luke’s passion 2 things words from cross, double trial
Luke rewords and has lots of special extra material
Dualistic Present age followed by age to come
Day Of God-early exilic expected Davidic King in history
Day of God-Later apocolayptic transcnendent kingdom, end of history per se, ie literature (Daniel, Revelation), group of people – an oppressed minority
Pessimistic world view God must intervene
Characteristics day of judgment of salvation or both
Escatological How will the world end?
Luke view of kingdom of God Escatalogical or out in the future kingdom of God
The New age and old age overlap Kingdom of God begins in Jesus and was present wherever Jesus went.
Character of the kingdom of God Is…Reign of God, a gift, present realm of blessing, universal not national, difficult to enter, requires act of God to inherit, growing (starts small)
Lukan Beattitudes emphasizes application to reader through 2nd person, includes “woes
Miscellaneous observation of Beattitudes addressed to disciples, standard thought assumed the rich were blessed by God
Poor had certain economic/religious connotations;there was dependence on God/economically
What was first public action in Luke’s gospel? reading from scroll of Isaiah
The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has sent me to preach the gospel, Luke 4
Prophet =? Preacher
Parables a picturesque figure of speech in which an analogy refers to a similar but different reality
Types of parables story, metaphor, similitude, proverbs
Story parables ie lost sheep, lost son, workers in the vineyard
Don’t treat a parable as an allegory
Metaphor you are the salt of the earth (simile like salt)
Similitude extended simile, leaven in the dough story, mustard seed
Proverbs in Luke Doctor cure yourself the…
allegories ie soil
Disecting Parables 1. Look for setting 2. Understand the cultural context 3. Determine how original readers would hear it 4. Look for punch line
Luke 7 vs 40 how would the Pharisees hear Samaritan story? Throw them off because expect themselves to be the heroes.
3 views of Demons 1) response- everything caused by a demon, problem = demon 2)No such things as demons 3) Can’t we all just get along? Comrpomise
confirmation bias believe what you want to believe
Satan Accuser
Diablos accuser
OT perspective on evil God works alone, both good and evil derive from YHWH
intertestamental becomes God’s enemy
Zorastrianism two independent and equal powerful deities, one good (Ahura Mazda) and one evil ()
Satan can refer to human adversary ie Peter
Lucifer light bearer, morning star
Early Chruch believed that Christ would return In the immediate future
What is the message of Jesus? The kingdom of God
Characteristics of day of YHWH Day of judgment or salvation or both
Luke time frame 1. Escatalogical 2. Present 3. Already-Not-yet
Luke Characteristics 8 Basic meaning—reign of God Spiritual as opposed to physical Universal, not national Comes forcefully (Luke 16:16) It is a gift (Luke 6:20) Present realm of blessing (Luke 11:52) Difficult to enter (Luke 18:24) Growing (Luke 13:18; 13:20-21)
Luke Beattitudes Luke rewords in the second person in order to emphasize their application to the reader. Luke adds the term "now.“ Luke adds the woes.
Miscellaneous Observations 1.The Beatitudes are addressed to disciples 2.Standard thought assumed rich= blessed by God 3."Blessed" means recipients of God's favor (thus Jesus reverses values).
Created by: ok2bpure
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