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Span 205 Unit 3 Voc

abogar (por) to advocate
aguantar to bear, to put up with
cunplir to comply with, to fulfill
ejercer to practice a profession
hallarse to be in a certain place or condition
otorgar to grant, to award
pertenecer to belong
restringir to restrict, to limit
sen^alar to point out, to make known
valorar to value, to appreciate
el acoso sexual sexual harassment
el adelanto progress
la barrera barrier
la convivencia coexistnce
la des(ifualidad) (in)equality
la discapacidad disability, handicap
la etnia ethnic group
el investigador researcher
criar to raise
culpar to blame
integrar to integrate
luchar to struggle
maltratar to mistreat
odiar to hate
la ascendencia heritage
la ciudadani"a citizenship
el ge'nero gender
la manifestacio'n protest, demonstraTION
el mito myth
la poli'tica policy, politics
la queja complaint
la raza race
la tez complexion
el vi'niculo link
encrespado curly
lacio straight
agregar, an^adir to add
asar to roast
cocer to cook, boil
freir to fry
hornear to bake
medir to measure
mezclar to mix
moler to grind
picar to chop, to cut up
probar to try, taste
sazonar to season
la albondiga meatball
la carne de res beef
el chorizo spanish style sausage
el churrasco grilled meat
el cochinillo el cordero
la pechuga breast (of fowl)
el solomillo sirloin
el ajo garlic
la berenjena eggplant
el champinon mushroom
la col cabbage
los guisantes peas
el molocoton peach
el pimiento green pepper
la toronja grapefruit
el aderezo salad dressing
el adobo marinade/seasoning
la brasa grill
el caldo broth
la empenada spicy or sweet turnover
los fideos noodles
la harina flour
el sabor flavor
las sobras leftovers
agrio sour
amargo bitter
dulce sweet
picante spicy
salado salty
soso bland
adelgazar to slim down
des(congelar) to freeze
echarse a perder to spoil (food)
engordar to gain weight
enlantar to can
hervir to boil
ingerir to ingest
pelar to peel
las almejas clams
los calamares squid
los mejilones mussels
las ostras oysters
el abrelatas can opener
la batidora blender
la cafetera coffee pot
la olla, cacerola pot
el sacacorchos corkscrew
el sarte"n frying pan
el ajillo in garlic sauce
a la francesa french style
al horno baked
a la marinera seafood style
a la parilla broiled, charcoal grilled
a la plancha grilled
al vapor steamed
a la vizcai"na basque style
el eyuno fast
la ca'scara peel, shell
la piel skin
bien hecho well done (Meat)
casi crudo raw/rare
(des) equilibrado balanced
cuidarse to be careful, to take care of oneself
destrozar to destroy, to vandalize
disparar to fire (a gun)
emborracharse to become intoicated
estafar to cheat
secuestrar to kidnap, to hijack
tatuar(SE) to (get a) tattoo
la culpabilidad guilt
el pandillaje gang activity
el pandillero gang member
el sospecho suspect
acusar to accuse
alimentar to feed/nourish
arriesgar(se) to ris (to take a risk)
cometer to commit (a crime)
interrogar to question, interrogate
jurar to swear
juzgar to judge
perjudicar to damage/harm
prostituir(se) to prostitute (oneself)
relajar(se) to relax
el juicio trial
el peligro danger
la pena (de muerte) (death) penalty
el poder power
la resaca hangover
momenta'neo momentary
darle (a uno) risa to make one laugh
Created by: pryormeg
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