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AP World History

Chapter 13 - Spread of Chinese Civilizations

Extensive adoption of Chinese culture in Korea, Japan, and Vietnam Sinification
In 646, emperor wanted to change administration to be like China's Taika reforms
What was "The Tale of Genji" First novel written, about Heian's court
Who was "The Tale of Genji" written by? Lady Muraski
In "The Tale of Genji" the emperor's son enjoys women and entertainment.
In "The Tale of Genji" the emperor's mother died early when someone left her some bad fruit and she got sick.
In the 9th century the Fujiwara was a powerful aristocratic family.
The Fujiwara were able to shape and influence imperial policy.
How many daughters did one Fujiwara man see marry emperors? 4
Who were the Bushi? Warriors leaders within mini-states
The Bushi built up armies, collected revenues, administered laws, and supervised projects.
Mounted troops within mini-states. Samurai
Mounted troops were first loyal to local lord but were called in to protect the emperor.
Wars between Minamoto and Taira families Gempei Wars
When were the Gempei Wars? In the 1180's, lasted 5 years.
Minamoto's had an alliance with lords and beat the Taira.
A lot of peasants died and farmland was destroyed.
What is Bakufu? It is a "tent" military government.
The Bakufu was set up after 1185 when Minamoto located it's captital to Kamakura.
Emperor, court, military preserved but power rested with Minamoto and Samurai.
Civil War in Japan and date. Onin War, 1467-1477.
After Ashikaga Shogunate took over and government collapsed.
In Onin War, Samurai's went to rival headquarters in Kyoto and fighting started.
Provincial lords continued to gain power.
Ashikaga Takuaji, early 14th century, was head of one branch of Minamoto family.
Ashikaga Takuaji led a revolt of bushi and eventually overthrew Kamakura regime.
Ashikaga Takuaji made himself Shogunate.
Why did Ashikaga Takuaji lose his a lot of his authority? Because of the long period of fighting.
Who were military leaders in the Minamoto government? Shoguns
The warlord rulers of each of Japan's 300 little kingdoms. Daimyos
What was Choson? The earliest Korean kingdom
Choson was conquered by the Han emperor Wudi in 109 BC
A family that ruled the north part of Vietnam. Trinh family.
The Nguyen fought them in the 16th-17th century for the right to rule Vietnam.
The capital of the Nguyen dynasty was in Hue.
The Nugyen and the Trinh were so busy fighting each other, they didn't realize the threat of France invading.
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