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Which segment does upper limb associate with C4 - T2 main contributor is c5 - T1
which segment does lower limb associate with L1-S3, Main contributor is L2 - S2
In what direct does limb develop to and what influence the limb development? Proximodistal orientation and Apical ectodermal ridge (AER) control the limb development
what is the name of space where proliferating cell is found during limb development progress zone
how is 5 digit developed? apotosis (cell death) at the distal falttened area.
Which area does 5 digit developed from? distal flattened area
What is problem if there is a lack of cell death during limb development result in Manus (hand) and pes (foot) deformities.
what control the development of dorsal and ventral trait of limb Gene
the process of formation of long bone from chondrocytes Endochondral ossification
What is the precusor of Long bone in limb? Hyaline cartilage Hyaline cartilage ==> chondrocytes (through process of endochondral ossification ) ==> long bone
cell further from the AER will develop into Cartilage and muscle
where do we find the primary ossfication center the shaft of bone (Diaphysis)
Function of epiphyseal plate it remains to allow for growth
where does secondary ossificaiton center develop the peiphysis at the end. It starts off as cartilage, then change to long bone.
how does the primary center ossification originate? initate by a small cavity in the center of hyaline cartilage
periosteum the outer covering where blood upply to bone prescursor is originated from and osteoblast form from perosterum.
what type of bone does intramembranous ossification usually assoicated with flat bone : scapula cranial bone
what type of bones does endochondral ossification usually assocaite with long bone: humerus, raidus
what are the 3+1 segment for upper limb "arm+ forearm + hand" + proximal girdle at attach the limb to the rest of body
What are the 3+1 segment for lower limb "thigh, leg , foot" + pelvic
what is dorsal segment develop into Posterior compartment which are usually extensor (lateral rotator, ABductor, supinator)
What is ventral segment develop into anterior compartment: flexor, medial rotator, adductor, pronator
each compartment is a function unit how? they have similar function and has specific innervation and blood supply
how does limb rotate during development The upper limb rotate 90 degree laterally and lower limb rotate 90 degree medially
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