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DivineRevelation PT3

Salvation History: God's Revelation

Salvation History God's saving actions in human history
One true God Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Divine Revelation God's self communication through which he makes known the mystery of his divine plan
What are the two ways God manifests himself? Theophany & Jesus Christ, his only son
The Sacred Scriptures (the Old & New Testament) the words of our ancestors in faith continually revealing the truth of God
What are the effects of Original Sin? the loss of original holiness, made humans subject to death, made sin present in the world, and effected every person born into the world
Theophany gods manifestation of himself in a special way to enrich human faith and understanding in him
original sin the first act of disobedience of our first parents Adam and Eve which gave humankind a fallen nature
Covenant a solemn mutual agreement that is unbreakable and based on love
Patriarch a father, or leader of a tribe, clan or tradition
Prophet a person God chooses to speak his message
Sacred Tradition the living transmission of the gospel message found in the life, teaching, and worship of the Catholic Church
Sacred Scriptures the written record of Divine Revelation (The Bible)
Apostolic Line the uninterrupted passing on of apostolic authority from the apostles directly to all the bishops
Single Deposit of Faith everything God has revealed to lead us to salvation
Natural Revelation the process by which God makes himself known to human reason through nature
Redemption Christ's deliverance of all Christians from the forces of sin
How does God transmit Revelation? he transmits revelation through the SSacred Scriptures and the Magisterium
Magisterium the official teaching authority of the church; The Pope and the Bishops
Who has the power to interpret the Gospels? The Pope and Bishops
Who guides Sacred Tradition? The Holy Spirit
Dogma teachings recognized as central to Church teaching, defined by the Magisterium and accorded through the fullest weight and authourity
What is the fullest act of Divine Revelation by God? Jesus Christ
What are the effects of Original Sin? We experienced the loss of original holiness, made humans subject to suffering and death, made sin present in the world, and it effected every person born into the world
Created by: jennahamilton
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