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Ch2 population

The study of population is crtical because ? Their are more people alive now than ever before and population is increasing at a faster rate
Where is the global population growth found ? In LCDS that are in stage 2 or 3
How do geographers Study population problems? by studying how people are spread out
When a country is overpopulated what does it mean? it has less necistys like food,water or shelter
Where is the worls population disributed ? in Population concentrations, sparsely populatied regions and population density.
2/3 of the worlds population is found where? east asia, south asia, southeast asia, and europe
How can clustring be shown ? on a catogram
what are some populous countries? Brazil,Canada, China US, and Russia
East asia contains ? East china, Koreans, Japan, Tawian
How much of the worlds population live in East asia ? 1/4
What is the most populous country in east asia ? China
Where is the population clustred in china ? near the pacific ocean and fertile valleys
Is east asia rural or urban ? Rural
What countries are found in South Asia? India, Pakistan,Bangladishand the island of Sri Lanka.
What country is the most populous in south asia? India
How much of thw worlds population live in South Asia? 1/4
Where is the population clustred in India ? around plains of Indus, and the Gangea river, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal.
Is south asia rural or urban? Rural
How much of the Earths population is found in south east asia ? 1/4
What countries are found in Southeast asia ? Phillippines, Java, Sumatra, Boreno, Papua, and New Guinea
Where is the population clustred around in the Phillipeans? Around rivers and fertile valleys and delta Indochina
What countries are found in Europe ? from monaco to Russia
How much of the earths population lives here ? 1/9
Where is the population clustered around? around the coalfields of england, Germany, and Beligum
What does europe have to do for food ? import it
Is Europe rural or urban? Urban
what two countries in the East asia region is urban like europe ? Japan and South Korea
What is the largest population concentration in the western hemisphere ? In North east usa and south east canada
What are the sparsely populated regions? Dry lands, wet lands, cold lands, and Hifh lands.
Why is it impossible to live int he dry lands ? Area is to dry for farming and not much rain
what are the 2 largest desert regions found ? The northern hemasphere and the souther hemasphere .
What is good about the dry lands? oil comes from there
Why dont people live in the wetlands? the combination of heat and rain depletes nutrients in the soil
What is the good thing about the wetlands ? they can grow enough food to feed a large amount of population
Why do pepole not live in the cold lands ? very cold and less rain than dry lands
Why do people not live in the high lands ? They are and high and steep
why do people live in the highlands? they are uncomortable in lower elevation
What are the 3 types of density? population density, arthimetic density, and agricultral density
What do they use arthimetic desnity for ? to compare conditions in diffrent by total population and total land area
The higher the physical density ? the more pressure people place on their land to grow more food
What if countries have the same physilogical density ? dosent mean they will produce the same amoutn of food its based off conditions
Do MCD or LCD have a lower agricultral density ? MCDs
Where has the population grew ? in the natural increase, mortality and fertilaty
What are the 3 measures demograpers look at ? CBR, CDR, NIR
If you subract the 2 .... it gives you the NIR ? the CBR- CDR
95 % Of the natural increasse is found where in the LCDS
What do they use to measure Fertilty ? by the total fertilaty rate ( TFR)
What are the 2 usful ways to measure fertility ? Infant mortailty rate and Life expectancy
Where are the highest IMR rates found ? in the LCDS
Why is population increasing at difrent rates in diffrent countries ? because of Demorgraphic transition and world population growth ?
What was the CBR , CDR, AND NIR in stage 1 ? CBR: HIGH CDR: HIGH NIR: NO natural increase
what did people depend on in stage 1 ? hunting and gathering .
Why was their an increase in CBR in stage 1 ? Because of the Agricultral revolution
How long was until countries started to move into stage 2 ? 10,000 years
What was the CBR, CDR AND NIR if stage 2 ? CBR: HIGH CDR: LOW NIR: HIGH
Why did MDCS move into stage 2 ? Because of the Industrial revolution
What helped the CBR increase and the CDR decrease in stage 2 ? the imporvement of sanitaion
What helped LDCS move into stage 2 / the medical revoultion
What year did Europe and NA go into the stage 2 ? 1800s
What year did the LCDS go into stage 2 ? 1950
What causes countries to go in to stage 3 ? a big drop in CBR
Why does CBR drop in stage 3 ? because of econmic development and social customs change
What is the CBR, CDR, AND NIR for satge 4 ? CBR : LOW CDR:LOW NIR: NONE
Why do countries move to stage 4 ? Their are more women working , more money less children, more access to birth control
Why do countries have a negative NIR ? Because their cdr exceeds their cbr
Why do MDCS in stage 4 or 3 have a higher CDR than Lcds in stage 2 ? because mcds have more older people
Why do men die younger than women? they do more risky work
What is the sex ratio in Lcds ? their are more men than women
Whay is cape verde in stage 2 ? because their long term uncirenty ended in the population
what helped cape verde go into stage 2 / anti-malaria vaccines
Why is chile in stage 3 ? because the have the gov. family plane, moved to urban areas and CDR went down because of medical technology
Why is denmark in stage 4 ? More older people and population is increasing because of imigrants
Why did the population increase in the 20th century ? Because most countries were in stage 2 or 3
why arent countries in stage 4 yet ? because of fundamental problems
Why is japans population going to drop soon ? because they have a large amount of older people than younger and their rule limits children
When did the CDR drop in LCDS ? in the 20 century
Why might the world face overpopulation ? malthus on overpopulation , decling birth rates world health rates
who is thomas Malthus ? he is an english econmist was one of the first to say that the worlds rate population will outrun food
How do people grow ? by geomethically
How does food ? arithmeticaly
what is the first characteristics that make malthus theory / Mny LCDs have expanded food production but more people
What is the 2nd characteristicts that make malthus ? the population is outstripping resources
What do the critcis say about Malthus theory ? expanding will fixed and resources
What resource is following malthus theory ? Rice
NIR declines because of ? either CBR OR CDR
lCDS have a high demand in what ? contracepicans
Low status of women Affects CBR
What is disease is found in stage 2-3 ? pestilence and famine
What disease is also found in stage 2-3 ? cholera was around the water pumps
What disease is comnon in stage 3-4 ? cardiovascular like heart attack and cancer
what disease might come back in stage 5 ? the reemergence of infectiuos disease
what are the resaon of thr remergance od disease ? evolution and poverty and travel
why do lcds have more children / ecnomic reason
what happened in stage 1 for england ? 1066 Normaninvade england population to 6 million
what happened to england in stage 2 ? 1750 the cbr and cdr of 40 1800 cbr was 36 cdr was 20
what happened in stage 3 ? cbr droped but population increased to 49 million
what happened in stage 4 in england ? has been here since 1970 population grew 3 million
Created by: BB2424
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