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Medicine Pearls

Misc Perals for PANCE

Common melanoma found in African Americans & Asians? Acral lentiginous melanoma
Common cause of cellulitis in the US Group A Strept
Topical burn oinment Silvadene
Complication associated with burns Infection
Complication of Herpes Zoster Pain caused by acute neuritis & postherpatic neuralgia
Raspberry-like nodules Pyogenic granulomas (capillary hemangiomas)
"Stuck-On" like appearance Seborrheic keratosis
Spaghetti & Meatballs on KOH Tinea versicolar (pityriasis versicolor)
Tapioca appearance Dyshidrosis
Wickham's Striae Lichen planus
Herald patch & Christmas tree-like distribution Pityriosis rosea
Golden honey yellow lesions Impetigo (Strep pyoderma)
"Lace-like" or "fishnet" immunofluorescence pattern Pemphigus vulgaris
Sandpaper rash, Strawberry tongue Scarlet Fever (GABS)
Firey red rash on face Erysipelas
Curling Ulcer Gastric ulcer that results as a complication of a burn
Marjolin's Ulcer Chronic healing burn would that undergoes malignant transformation into SCC
Slapped Cheek Fifth's Disease (parvo virus B19)
Bull's eye (Erythema margins) Lyme Disease (Borrelia burgdorferi)
Cause of LMN facial nerve paralysis (CN 7) Bell's Palsy
Cause of hearing loss Presbyacusis (aging)
Cause of hearing loss in children Bacterial Meningitis
Cause of Viral Rhinitis Rhinovirus
Cause of Bacterial Sinusitis (Adults) S. pneumoniae, H. influenza
Cause of Bacterial Rhinitis Group A Strep, Staph, Pneumococci
Cause of Bacterial Sinusitis (Children) S. pneumoniae, H. influenza, Moraxella catarrhalis
Exam finding consistent w/ OE Inflamed external auditory canal
Cause of OE (Swimmer's ear) Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Cause of Otitis Media S. pneumoniae, H. influenza, Moraxella catarrhalis
Cause of infectious myringitis Mycoplasm (or Strep pneumoniae)
Cause of parotid gland swelling Mumps
Cause of amblyopia Stabismus
Eye disease seen in community medicine Conjunctivitis
Cause of Bacterial Conjunctivitis Staph, Strep, H. influenza, Pseudomonas
Cause of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (pink eye) Adenovirus
Leading cause of blindness worldwide Cataract disease
Cause of COPD Smoking
Initial sx of COPD Cough
Cause of pneumonia in the ICU Gm(-) Bacteria
Cause of pneumonia Strep pneumoniae
Cause of atypical pneumonia Mycoplasma
Acute cause of wheezing in children < 2 (Esp 1-3 mths) Bronchiolitis
Cause of airway obstruction in children (6mth - 6 yr) & leading cause of hospitalization < 4 yrs Croup
Sit of metastasis of soft tissue sarcoma Lungs
Opportunistic organism in HIV PTs Pneumocystis jiroveci (P. carinii)
Cause of spontaneous pneumothorax Rupture of subpleural bleb
Cause of acute bronchiolitis RSV
Cause of acute epiglottits H. influenza
Ground-Glass appearance on CXR Hyaline membrane disease (or Pneumocysitis carinii)
Tram-track lung marking on CXR Bronchiectasis
Hampton's Hump (wedge shaped pleural-based density)or Westermark's sign (decrease in pulmn vascular markings on CXR) Pulmonary Embolism
S1Q3T3 (RBBB, R axis deviation, flipped T waves/ST depression) Pulmonary Embolism
Steeple Sign Croup
Hot potato voice, Tripod position, Thumb print sign Epiglottis
Pink Puffer Emphysema
Blue Bloater Chronic Bronchitis
Pneumonia on CXR Infiltrates
PE diagnostic test Pulmonary angiography
Foreign Body dx & tx Endoscopy
Cause of pericarditis Coxsackievirus
Cause of renovascular HTN Atherosclerosis
CXR finding w/traumatic thoracic aortic injury Widened Mediastinum
Inherited condition associated w/ pulmonary embolism Factor V Leiden mutation (expressed as resistance to anticoagulant Protein C)
Cause of A. Fib HTN & Coronary atherosclerosis
Valvular abnormality (Adults) Aortic Stenosis
Valve abnormality in RHD Mitral stenosis
Cause of CHF Atherosclerotic coronary disease & HTN
Cause of arterial occlusive disease Atherosclerosis
Cause of 2ndary HTN Renal disease
Test for arterial insuffieiency Ankle-Brachial index
Cause of sudden death in adolescents Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Osler nodes (painful, raised lesions of fingers, toes or feet), Janeway lesions (painLESS erythematous lesions of palms/soles) Roth spots Endocarditis
Pain relieved by sitting forward Pericarditis
Delta wave WPW Syndrome
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