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Vocation Day

Vocation Day Flash Cards

Who was the First Pope? St. Peter
Who started the "Order of the Poor Ladies"? St. Clare
Who became a Carmelite nun at the age 15? St. Therese of Lisieux
Who served leper colonies in Hawaii until he died of leprosy? St.Damien of Moloaki
Who persecuted early Christians but later converted and became a Great Missionary? St. Paul
Who founded the Jesuit Order to teach the faith? St. Ignatius of Loyola
Who is a person who voluntarily suffered as a witness to their faith? Martyr
What is it called when a person is declared a saint? Cannonization
What is the primary vocation of every person? To become a Saint
What is the first book in the Bible? Genisis
Who were the original evangelists? (Hint: 3 of the Gospel Writers) Mathew, Mark, and Luke
What book of the Bible tells us about the growth of the early Church focusing on St. Peter and St. Paul? Acts of the Apostles
What are longer, more formal type of letters to teach and encourage the people? Epistles
What is Jesus being raised from the dead to a new glorified life called? Resurrection
What is the place where the vessels containing the Blessed Sacrament is called? Tabernacle
What is the Bread concentrated at Mass called? The Body of Christ
What is it called when the Bread and Wine become the Body and Blood of Christ? Consecration
What is the statement of faith that we pray at Mass on Sundays called? Creed
What is giving to the Church and/or poor is called? Almsgiving
What is the season of the Church year that prepares us for the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas called? Advent
What is the season of the Church year that prepares us for Easter Sunday called? Lent
The Holy Spirit came like tongues of fire upon the Apostles and Mary on what day? Pentecost
On what day did the angel came to Mary and asked her to be the Mother of Jesus Christ? Annuciation
Who is a person who attends a school for ministers, or priests? Seminarian
What is a school where priests and ministers are trained called? Seminary
Created by: sjajburke2014
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