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UAMS Dispensing Lab Seminar

dosing for Afrin BID up to 3 days, longer use may result in rebound congestion
rhinitis medicamentosa rebound congestion
desmopressin is the synthetic analog of __ vasopressin
I of desmopressin tx primary nocturnal enuresis and diabetes insipidus
polyuria excessive urination
polydipsia excessive thirst
I of timolol tx glaucoma
dosing for Timoptic XE once daily
dosing for Timoptic BID
I of acetazolamide tx glaucoma and prevention of acute mountain sickness
I of acetohexamide 1st G sulfonylurea I for tx of Type 2 diabetes mellitus
I of Efudex tx of actinic keratosis
actinic keratosis precancerous skin condition
regular insulin is __ acting short acting
NPH insulin is ___ acting intermediate acting
__ and __ insulin are available OTC regular and NPH
Humalog is __ acting rapid acting
Novolog is __ acting rapid acting
Apidra is __ acting rapid acting
Lantus is __ acting long acting
Levemir is __ acting long acting
dose for one day trichomoniasis therapy 2 grams metronidazole as a single dose
dose for 7 day trichomoniasis therapy 250 mg metronidazole TID for 7 days
Flagyl strengths 250, 500 mg tab, 375 mg cap, 750 mg ER tab
dosing for Catapres TTS apply a new system weekly
Depakote hiccups
Cellcept pemphigus vulgaris
Reglan migraine headache
Clomid increased sperm count
Dilantin pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Tegretol pain associated with diabetic peripheral neuropathy
Inderal panic attacks
amitriptyline phantom pain
Ovral morning after pill
Lioresal hiccups
nitroglycerin ointment anal fissures
Procardia dysmennorrhea, migraine headaches, hiccups
Depo-Provera sexual aggression in elderly men with dementia
Brethine prevent premature labor
cyproheptadine migraine headache, increased appetite
phenobarbital itching associated with jaundice
albuterol rectal pain caused by proctalgia fugax
proctalgia fugax painful spasm of the muscle around the anus
Created by: jmhernandez