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World Religion MCC


Veda(s) Sacred "Heard" knowledge. Example Hymns (myths) Brahmanas (ritual) Uponishads (Dogma)
Vedic hymns (Myths) Hymns to Gods during sacrifice.
Brahmanas (Ritual) Directions for rituals
Upanishads "Sitting near a teacher" Questions and answers.
Epics Remembered Knowledge. In the form of long poems.
Puranas History of the universe from creation to distruction. Vishnu
Tripitaka (Three Baskets) 1. Sermons 2. Discipline 3. Supplements to the doctrine.
Mahayana Sutras Teachings of Buddhism.
Dravidians and Aryans Indus Valley People. (Vedic relgion) Aryans pushed Dravidians from North to South. Caste system was formed from there encounters.
Varuna Lord of the sky(heavens)Maintainer of "Rita"-cosmic order.
Indra General of the Gods(sky). Would consume "Soma" (soma juice,sacred plant) for strength.
Agni Priest of the Gods. Earth fire God.
Samsara Cycle of death and rebirth.
Karma Cause and effect. "action"
Moksha Liberation and release form samsara.
Atman 'self'
Brahman Supreme. Power that is "all" Not changeable, has no features.
Purusha God who was sacrificed bringing forth all creation. 4 sections of his body were divided to create the castes.
Varna Means caste. Made up many jatis
Jati Sub-caste.
Dharma Your duty (Remember Ramayana story)
Brahma Creator (God)
Vishnu Half man half eagle. Reincarnates into Avatars to save the world. (Fish,Boar,Man-Lions)
Parvati One of Shiva's wives. Hindu goddess of Love and devotion.
Shiva White bull. The destroyer. Destructs in order to create.
Rama (Perfect man) Avatar of Vishnu. Sita's Husband.
Sita Rama's wife. Her dharma is to go to the forrest with Rama. (The epitome of a good wife.) Captured by demon Ravanna.
Krishna Born to kill the demond Kansa. (Avatar)
Radha Jealous Gopi (Cowgirl) over Krishna.
Valmiki Author of the epic Ramayana. (Emphasis on Dharma)
Tulsi Das Hindui Poet/Saint. Philosopher who renowned for his devotion for the god Rama.
Mirabai Fully devoted her life to Lord Krishna.
Chaitanya Full incarnation of Lord Krishna.
Four Permissible Goals Kama, Artha, Dharma, and Moksha.
Siddhartha Gautama Gautama Buddha. (563-483 BCE)
Four Passing Sights Prince Siddhārtha (Buddha), saw these which lead to his religious enlightenment. 1.Old man, 2.Diseased man, 3.Corpse 4. Ascetic
Impermanence (anicca) The absence of permanence. One of the Three marks.
Duhkha (dukkha) "Suffering" caused from desire.
Anatman (anatta) "Not-self"
Nirvana "To blow out." It is the absence of Dukkha (suffering) and desire. The ultimate goal of Buddhism.
Five Skandhas (Khandhas) Form, Feeling, Perception, Impulse to Action, Consciousness
Dependent Origination The belief that everything is interdependent on another
King Ashoka Embraced Buddhism in his own view. Had an emphasis on compassion.
Theravada and Mahayana The two different teachings of Buddhism.
Bodhisattva An enlightened being. Dedicated to help others reach Nirvana.
Arhat signifies a spiritual practitioner who has realized certain high stages of attainment. The implications of the term vary based on the respective schools and traditions.
The Three Jewels Buddha (Teacher), Dharma (Teachings), Sangha (Students)
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