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Religion Unit 2!!

The event in which the Archangel Gabriel came to Mary to announce that she had found favor with God and would become the mother of the messiah. Annunciation
A greek title for Mary meaning "God bearer" Theotokos
The dogma that Mary was conceived without Original Sin and remained free from personal sin throughout her entire life. Immaculate Conception
Merciful. Clement
To represent or prefigure a person before his or her life or an event before it occurs. Foreshadow
Is the study of the person and life of Jesus Christ, his ministry, and his mission. Christological
The coherence of individual doctrines with the whole Revelation. Analogy of Faith
"to become flesh" referring to Jesus is both true God and true man. Incarnation
The act of atoning for sin or wrongdoing. Expiation
The goal of God's plan of salvation. Kingdom of God
The night the Lord passed over the houses of the Israelites marked by the blood of the lamb, and spared the firstborn sons from death. Passover
Mass or the Lords Supper, bread and wine that have become the Body and Blood of Christ Eucharist
To introduce, establish Institute
Pay the price for its freedome. Bring back. Yahweh's deliverance of Israel and Christs deliverance of all Christians from sin Redeem
Crops that are grown to make the most wealth for the land-owner but typically do not provide basic food needed for the majority of people. ex. grapes, olives, wheat Cash crops
Crops that provide the basic food to feed most people. Ex. barley, beans, figs Subsistence crops
The recognition of our deep need for God and the commitment to ut God above everything else in life, particulary above the accumulation of wealth. Poverty of Heart
God given sense of the law of God. Conscience
To focus strictly on what the law requires without considering the truth the law is intended to promote. Legalistic
The virtue by which people are able to successfully and healthfully intergrate their sesxuality into their total person. Chastity
The act of freeing someone from a demonic possession. Exorcism
Specially prepared priests to whom the spiritual care of a special group of people is entrusted. Chaplains
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