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Matt Jones Exam 1

Bible: New Testament

Define “genre” (A classification of literary composition characterized by particular elements of form and content) and list and define the four genres found in the New Testament Gospel: the record of the words & deeds of Jesus designed to proclaim the redemption available in Jesus Christ Epistle: apostolic letters Narrative: a story or an account Apocalyptic: prophetic revelatory literature
List the dates covered in New Testament Literature Gospels: 6/4 BCE to 33 CE Acts: 33 to 62 CE Pauline Epistles: 50 to 67 CE General & Johannine: 47 to 90 CE
Discuss two assumptions that shape how one reads Scripture. look at next slide
Natural vs. Supernatural: Natural philosophy will cause you to treat the miracles as moral parables, and exaggerations made by disciples, or look for natural causes for the miracles. supernatural will cause you to have more awe of God, and you will re ii. Nature of scripture: Is it God breathed? Is every word true? Or are there exaggerations and is it historical at all? If you believe that it is God breathed, you will treat it literally, if you believe that it isn’t historically accurate, you will
Define the term “covenant.” Covenant is an agreement or obligation. Sometimes a covenant is a bilateral agreement involving mutual obligations. At other times a covenant is unilateral with one part imposing obligations on itself or on another.
Name and discuss the importance of the three covenants God made with Jesus' ancestors providing the book and chapter of reference.4 a. Abrahamic- Genesis 12- Established a people set apart for God, Numerous descendants, Posession of the land of Canan, and God will bless the world through his line. This set up the line of Jesus. b. Mosaic: Deuteronomy 6:-9, Set up Israel as a nation
Name and describe the 4 empires that existed between the Old and New Testament eras and describe the contribution each empire made to life in New Testament times. a. Babylon- Captured Judea, Enslaved the Jews, But allowed them to keep their heritage, preserving the Judaic lineage. b. Persia- Freed the Jews from their captivity, Allowed them to return to their homeland, Allowed them rebuild the Temple and walls o
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