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Luther Exam 1

Birth year of Luther 1483
1517: 95 Theses posted to the door of Wittenberg Castle Church
Known for selling indulgences? John Tetzel
Eisleben Birth town of Martin Luther
Pope in time of Luther in Rome.. Pope Leo X
1518 Heidelberg Disputation
Leipzig Dispute 1519, Luther said Christ has authority over the church
Heidelberg Disputation 95 theses, Theology of the Cross
How humans are saved from eternal damnation Soteriology
Anselm used platonic login (if, then), 1. sin is an offence against God's commandments 2. sin is debt owed to God 3. humans saved by Christ on cross
Peter Abelard God loved creation so much he sent his own son to become human to understand God's creatures. Got student pregnant out of wedlock and was castrated
Thomas Aquinas Realist, used Aristotelian logic: 1. Moral Effort: do the best you can with natural/moral ability 2. infusion of grace as reward 3. moral cooperation: doing the best one can do with the aid of grace 4. Reward of eternal life
What are Nominalists Changed Aquinas' legacy... 1. moral effort: (same) 2. infusion of grace as an appropriate reward or as congruous merit 3. moral cooperation: doing the best one can do with the aid of grace 4. reward of eternal life as due justice or as condign merit
Luther's storm experience..? 1505, entered monastery in Erfurt, Observant order of Augustinians, a promise to keep when he almost died in a storm and called out to his God
Fredrick the Wise 1463-1525: welfare of his realm, religious relics, church reform, a new university
Simul inustus et piccator "simultaneous righteous and sinner" Baptism is a gift of Christ, freely given to sinners
What is an Indulgence? full or partial remission of temporal punishment due for sins which have already been forgiven, have to purchase it
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