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Intro to Script

Ch. 2 Study Guide

Hebrew Script Old Testament
God revealing Himself and His plan throughout human history Divine Revelation
How is each book linked? each book is part of one whole revelation
How does God reveal change with humanity? meets us where we're at
God being the inspiration of the bible Biblical inspiration
How is God's authorized script indirect? it's God's message in human terms not dictation
the story of God and humanity diff. ways God has acted to bring us closer to Him Salvation history
How is Word of God active/effective we convey meaning from it
What does it mean Script is "without error" teaches the truth
Two rules of faith Script and Tradition
a guide for the Church Rule of faith
How does rule of faith show unique Catholic identity? other churches have one rule of faith
passing down info/stories by word of mouth Oral Tradition
How do biblical scholars fiure out diff oral traditions in text? sentence structure, vocab choice, subject matter, any other patterns in text
God revealing Himself to human reason in creation Natural Revelation
When and how long did Babylonian Exile take place? 587BC one generation
Why was Babylonian Exile a big deal? most Hebrew script compiled and edited
books included in Catholic bibles but not protestant bibles Deuterocanonical books (second canon)
languages the script were orginally written in? Hebrew, Aramic, Greek
critical interpretation of script Biblical exegesis
diff styles or categories of writing; bible features many literary forms or genres
four types of books in Hebrew script law, historical, wisdom, prophets
3 categories of spiritual sense allegorical, moral, anagogical
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