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The Third Crusade

Mr. Moran's World History on the Third Crusade

Who was Nuraldin's aid? Saladin
Where did Saladin conquer without telling Nuraldin? Cairo
What happened to Nuraldin? Assassanated
Who took control of Jerusalem? Saladin
Who declares the Third Crusade and when? Pope Clement IV in 1187
When was the cross taken by three kings? 1188
Who were the three kings that took the cross? Philip Augustus, Frederick I (Barbarossa), and Richard I (Lionheart)
What was Philip Augustus king? French
What was Frederick I emperor of? German
What was Richard I king of? English
Who were not on good terms? Richard and Philip
Who was Richard a vassal to? Philip
What was the Third Crusade called? The King's Crusade
When was the Third Crusade? 1189-1192
When did the kings leave? 1189
Who left on his own? Frederick
Who left together? Richard and Philip
Who bails and where? Philip at the coast of France
What happened to Frederick and when? Drowned in 1190
Where did Richard take and collects tribute and plunder from? Sicily and Cyprus
Where did Philip go to take? Acre
Who brought the most soldiers? Frederick
What languages could Richard speak? French and English
What is the main town of Acre? Jaffa
What does Richard do to start communication with Saladin? Executes mutinous soldiers and Muslim prisoners
What do Richard and Saladin come to think of each other? Respect each other
When did Philip leave and Richard take Acre and head to Jerusalem? The beggining of 1191
How long was a stalemate held? One year
When was the truce signed? The end of 1191
Where was Richard held hostage? Vienna
Who did Eleanor get bail money from? Nobles
When released who did Richard declare war on? Philip
Created by: Monica Drummond