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The Second Crusade

Mr. Moran's World History on the Second Crusade

When was the Second Crusade? 1147-1149
Who called for the Second Crusade and when? Pope Eugenius III in 1145
Why was the Second Crusade needed? Edessa was recaptured by the Turks in 1144
Who did the pope focuse his call on? King Luis VII
Why did Luis agree? He wanted to do penance
Who did the pope higher to gain power for the Second Crusade? Bishop Bernard of Clairvow
Who showed up at the ceremony in which Luis VII took the cross? Eleanor with her group of ladies
Who did Luis write to? Roger of Sicily, Geza of Hungary, Conrad of Germany, and Emperor Manuel of the Byzantine
What did King Luis VII call the Second Crusade? The French Crusade
Who did Emperor Manuel not let in Constantinople? Conrad of Germany
What was the planned meeting place? Antioch
Who had a conflict with the pope? Conrad
How many warriors, not knights, did Conrad bring? 20,000
Why did Luis take a long time? Pople needed to harvest and Eleanor came
How many of Conrad's soldiers remained after the skirmishes? 2%
Who was in the first battle? The Germans and Turks
Who won the first battle? Turks
Who had a controversy over Eleanor's attention? Raymond and Luis
Why and when did Luis leave? Defending Antioch was too expensive; 1149
When did Luis arrive? 1147
When did Luis go into Antioch? 1148
How many soldiers did Luis lose to raids? Half
What happened to the troops sent to Edessa? Never returned
Who was the Celtic Turks new leader? Zangi
Who was the son and top general of Zangi? Nuraldin
What happened to Zangi? Assassinated before he took over Antioch
Who took charge after Zangi? Nuraldin
Created by: Monica Drummond