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The First Crusade

Mr. Moran's World History on the First Crusade

What is the First Crusade also called? The Feudal Crusade
How many soldiers met in Constantinople? 30,000
Where did the soldiers meet? Constantinople
What year did the soldiers meet in Constantinople? 1097
What was the soldiers plan after they met in Constantinople? To cross Helespont and enter Asia Minor
Who started the First Crusade? Pope Urban II
Who asked the pope for help? The Byzantin Emperor, Alexis Comenus
Why was the pope asked for help? The Byzantin Empire was losing territory and he was the only lader that had Christian connections
When was the pope asked for help? 1095
Where did the pope make his speech? At the Council of Clermont
How long did it take, and in what year, did the soldiers arrive in Jerusalem? 2 years in late 1098
When the soilders arrived in Jerusalem, how many remained? 1200
How long did the soilders siege for? Two months
In 1099 what colonies were set up? Antioch, Edessa, Tripoli, and the Kingdom of Jerusalem
Who ran the colonies in the "new kingdom"? Roman Christian Nobles
Who were the only Muslims spared? Those wearing crosses
Until when did the colonies remain? 1140's
Who was the "accursed race" who took Jerusalem? The Seljuk Turks
What was the pope's goals? Reunite Byzantine and Roman Christians
What did Urban II claim to be leader of? All of Christendom
What were the knights goals? Religious zeal, plunder, and glory
What groups of people made up the three armies of knights? France, the majority, Germans, Englishmen, Scots, Italians, and Spaniards
Who were the knights led by? French counts and bishops
When was the First Crusade? 1096-1099
Created by: Monica Drummond