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Arabian Peninsula

7th Grade Test

Desert Environment Rises over 120 degrees, droughts last for years, no rain, blinding sandstorms
Desert Adaptions Raise sheep, goats, and camels. Resting places.They get milk, yogurt and cheese from the animals. clothing- animals.
Oasis Environment Grass shrubs, fresh water, shade,
Oasis Adaptions Watered crops, farmed land, palm trees, houses, wood, rope
Coastal Plains Environment sand:40 miles inland, rocky cliffs, air-damp and moist, natural harbors, regular rainfall
Coastal Plains Adaptions Suitable for farming, dams, wells, Traders, fruit, grains, veggies
Mountain Enviroment Lots of rain, Very windy, frost in winter, riverbeds full, houses
Mountain Adaptions Houses made of mud and brick, irrigation systems for water, grow crops for food: fruits and veggies.
Nomad A person who moves from place to place rather than settling in one place.
Bedounis Bedouins are nomads. the only difference is that Bedouins settle in one place.
Clan A group of people related by blood or marriage.
Two reasons why the Arabian Peninsula was well suited for trade IT is a crossroad between 3 Continents- Africa, Asia and Europe. Surrounded by bodies of water.
The Arabian Peninsula was well suited for trade because of... Trade
What are some products people traveled to the Arabian Peninsula for? Perfume, Ivory, incense.
Define- Caravan Company of travelers journeying together.
Why was Mecca a important religious center? Because the Ka'aba was located in Mecca
Define- Pilgrimage Journey to a sacred place.
Define- Polytheism Belief in more than one god.
Define- Monotheism Belief in one god.
Define- Ka'aba A square stone building in the center of the Great Mosque at Mecca
Muhammad's early life - Born into a powerful Meccan family - orphaned as a child - grew up with his uncle
Define- Allah Arabic for god
Define- Angel Gabriel Allah's Messanger
Define- Muslims A believer in or follower of Islam
Define- The Qur'an Muhammad's teachings put into this holy book
5 pillars of Islam- During the Middle ages showed their devotion to Allah
Shahada profession of Faith
Salat Daily worship- Pray five times a day
Zakat Charity to those in need
Siyam Fasting during the month of Ramadan
Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca
Created by: mmiller1515