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Arabian Peninsula

7th Grade Social Studys Guide

Desert Adaptations wore white clothing, traveled with camels,moved from place to place
Desert Characteristics dry,hot,low rainfall,sandstorms
Qur'an The holy book of Islam the teaching of Muhammad
Allah A God
Angel Gabriel A messenger of god
Pilgrimage A journey to a sacred place (the ka'aba).All Muslim who can must go there
caravan A company of Travelers on a journey together
Polytheism Belief in more than one god
Muslim follower of Muhammad
Monotheism Belief in one god
What did Muhammad believe he heard He was praying one day and her the god Gabriel say (Your are the Messenger of God)
Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca
Siyam fasting during the mounth Ramadan
Zakat Charity to those in need
Salat Pray five times a day
Shahada Muslims profess there faith (There is only one god)and Muhammad is his Prophet
Created by: Lexi11355