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Medical Ethics1

Test 1

Approach that focuses on individual cases? cauistry
View of ethics that says society has become too individual and needs to focus on groups instead communication ethics
Act only on that maximum categorical imperative
Women disenfranchised feminism
Greatest good utilitarianism
Calculate pleasure or pain for any action Benthem
Define command theory dogiantology (commands of gods)
Humans have a purpose natural law
Consequences of an action utilitarianism
A set of actions rule deontologist
Author contributed to virtue ethics Aristotle
Natural law theory refers to all laws by God eternal law
Subset know by reason alone natural law
If positive law conflicts with natural law do not obey with what? positive law
Ethics that has to do with feelings emotionalism
What is morally right is only decided by individuals subjectivism
Ethics of society cultural relativism
Kant absolute
Contract theory John Rawls
Libertinism philosopher believed taxes Bob Nozick
Doctor in Roman Catholics double effect
Does double effect allow for removal of the cancerous uterus yes
Hippocratic oath forbids abortion for youth in asia
Does hippocratic oat have a strong rule about confidentiality? yes
Medical paternalism should be allowed when? drugs (FDA) and licensing of physicians
Autonomy is important why? the patients body are their own
Just the facts informative
Worst type of medical mistakes? know the right thing, but do not do it.
Baylist believes current approach to dealing with medical errors is what? bad
What is a doctors worst fear? lawsuits
When doctors tell the truth they get what? smaller settlements (good)
Medicine should have what? more open approach to dealing with errors.
Created by: danreid